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Terms of Use

By downloading these pixel icons, you agree to these terms:

  • You may NOT resell or distribute these icons.
  • If you use more than 10 icons on your site or software, you must post a link back to If you do not want to post a link back, please read the license information below.

Download Mini Pixel Icons

Zip package contains over 320 mini icons (14 x 14px)

License Information

If you do not want to post a link back, here is the license information:

  • $30 for the license fee.
  • All of the icons remain the property of N.Design. The icons can be used royalty-free by the licensee for personal or commercial projects.
  • Only restriction: you may NOT resell these icons.
  • To purchase the license, please make a $30usd payment to my PayPal account: (put down Mini Icons License as the Email subject). I will use your name and email address as licensee information.
  • If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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