"Web-Anatomy" Free Flv player for web, Easy to use

“Web-Anatomy” Free Flv player for web, Easy to use

Now it is only up to you how your flash player is going to look like. You can replace almost every aspect of your video player: colors, active elements, logo – they are all over your control. With small amount of work this player will perfectly suit your website.
We have prepared three types of interface: Standard, Light & Mini. Each of them have a different task. If you a need comfortable interface than the standard GUI is the best choice – there is a plenty of space for all options. For just the most important features – you can always activate the light GUI. It takes much less space, but is still fully functional. Mini GUI was prepared for very small players. If you need just a small window with the player for advertising it’ll be a perfect choice for you.

Very often player interface troubles in watching HD content. With our opacity mode interface will disappear after certain time and whole player space will be reserved only for your video. You can manually set the amount of time when GUI should be hidden.

Player is fully scalable. No matter how big or small it must be it will always look properly. You can easily change the size in embedding code. Player will automatically hide some less important features if there is no space for them.

Advanced Advertising Features

Manage your own campaigns, create both Manage and create your own advertisements easily. With our Control Panel you can design and control your advertising campaigns in just few minutes. We have prepared two basic ad-types: pre-roll (a video broadcasted before the main content) and two kinds of overlay ad ( text-based and image-based ). We give you total control over your advertisement system. You can specify when ads should appear & disappear, set limits for views, clicks, time and much… much more! Our company cooperates with all leading ad-networks. You can easily join such ad-networks like: Google Adsense for Video, , Scanscout, Adap.tv and MS. Atlas

Control Panel
Control Panel is the heart of our system. Here you can easily change any aspect of player look or behavior . Without any programming knowledge you can easily apply different settings to player, add new videos , generate playlists or check your statistics . With this tool you can also control your advertising campaigns and see all sites where your videos have been embedded by your users.

How about controlling player with JavaScript ? With available functions you can easily create your own external playlist (flash or html) or force player to continuously play your videos. You can also check current state (is playing?), time, total time ect. Player will let you know when video is over too.

Professional Web FLV Player Download
Try out Web Anatomy’s Professional Web FLV Player today. No registration required! This is the
perfect way to find out how good this tool really is. Don’t forget that commercial editions
have got far more features! You can compare available editions here. Make sure to check
system requirements.

License: this copy is only for non-commercial/test usage.

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