Open Source Trouble Ticket System With E-mail Piping: Jutda Helpdesk

Jutda Helpdesk is an easy-to-use & open source trouble ticket system that is built with Django.

Whether the tickets are sent via the web interface or e-mail, the application can create the ticket & users can reply to e-mails to continue the conversation (e-mail piping).

Open Source Trouble Ticket Script

It can be enabled to accept tickets from non-registered users which also makes it possible to be used as an advanced contact form.

Tickets can be separated into departments, product-groups, or any other classifications. Also, they can be escalated automatically between users by priority.

The application supports multiple RSS feeds & has an API for integration with 3rd party products.

P.S. Jutda Helpdesk is currently in alpha status yet very promising.

Requirements: Python 2.3+, Django

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