Open source, flexible & feature-rich Advanced Multiple File Uploader – Plupload

Plupload is a very flexible, feature-rich & open source file uploaded that enables you to upload files using:

  • HTML5 Gears
  • Silverlight
  • Flash
  • BrowserPlus
  • normal forms

It can be used via the JavaScript API or the ready-to-go jQuery plugin.

Plupload has great features like image resizing, displaying upload progress, drag’n drop, multiple file uploads, unique filename generation, max-file-size limit & more.

As expected, it has a server-side file to handle the uploads (PHP file is included with the download).

It is possible to define multiple runtimes (Flash, HTML5 Gears, etc) in the code. The uploader will check their availability in the configured order & select the most appropriate method.

The library is very well-documented & comes with various examples.

Requirements: PHP
Compatibility: All Major Browsers (features may differ according to the runtime used)

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