Collection of Free GIF Animators Applications.

1. Advanced GIF Animator

Advanced GIF AnimatorAdvanced GIF Animator is a powerful tool for creating animated GIF images. Industry experts named it number one software in its class when considering cost, performance, number of options and ease of use. The program works under Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating systems.

Download: Advanced GIF Animator

2. Ulead GIF Animator

Ulead GIF AnimatorUlead GIF Animator is the industry’s most robust and affordable tool to create animated GIFs. Easily create fast-loading animation for your Web site and PowerPoint presentations. Apply various text effects, —– effects, transitions and even Photoshop compatible filters.

Download: Ulead GIF Animator

3. CoffeeCup GIF Animator

CoffeeCup GIF AnimatorCoffeeCup GIF Animator allows you to easily create or edit animated GIFs for your Webpages. Just open the software, and it guides you through making great animated GIFs in just a few simple steps. It’s so easy… anyone can do it.

Download: CoffeeCup GIF Animator

4. Easy GIF Animator

Easy GIF AnimatorWith this animated-GIF editor, you can create and edit animated pictures, banners, and buttons. You can use special features to add stunning visual effects and prepare your animation for publishing on your Web page. Easy GIF Animator supports all types of GIF animation.

Download: Easy GIF Animator

5. EximiousSoft GIF Creator

EximiousSoft GIF CreatorEximiousSoft GIF Creator is a very powerful animation tool that can create professional class GIF animations with high quality effects in minutes. You can import any GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, TGA, EMF, WMF or ICO image file then edit it using built-in image editor.

Download: EximiousSoft GIF Creator

6. IconCool GIF Animator

IconCool GIF AnimatorIconCool GIF Animator offers to you a complete package of tools for creating eye-catching animated GIF banners, buttons and pictures to make your websites more impressive. Creating animated GIF banners, buttons and pictures with this tool is very simple.

Download: IconCool GIF Animator

7. GIF Movie Gear

GIF Movie GearGIF Movie Gear is a very easy to use application to edit, modify or create gif animations. Good for handling icons in PSD, PNG, BMP, and JPEG formats, as well as for creating AVI animations from the GIF original files. 24-bit colors supported.

Download: GIF Movie Gear

8. DigiCel FlipBook

DigiCel FlipBookFlipBook 4.5 is an animation tool that offers very easy user interface. FlipBook is based on frames that can be edited independently. It has a series of still images creates an animation, however this is strategy of every movie files.

Download: DigiCel FlipBook

9. Microsoft GIF Animator

Microsoft GIF AnimatorMicrosoft GIF Animator lets you easily create and customize animated GIF files for your Web site.GIF animations are based on the GIF89a file format, which stores timing information to create the illusion of animation like a cartoon “flipbook”. With GIF Animator you can make your animations loop, spin, fade in and out; set the size and transparency of your images; and control a wide range of other options.

Download: Microsoft GIF Animator

10. Artful GIF Animator

Artful GIF AnimatorWith Artful GIF Animator, you can create from scratch, import from AVI, edit and optimize your animated GIF images to develop state-of-the-art animations for web sites.

Artful GIF Animator lets you import and export multiple graphic formats. With its easy-to-use interface, you can drag and drop JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO and even AVI files into the program and then edit and preview frames on the fly – while you are editing a frame, it animates the resulting picture.

Download: Artful GIF Animator

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