Ajaxed – Classic ASP Library With AJAX Support

The ajaxed library is free classic ASP library with built-in AJAX support, providing you with common tools for the development of modern web applications. It can also be used within your existing ASP applications so that you can add rich web applications experience with less effort.

Ajaxed comes with a unique AJAX approach which lets you call server side VBScript code directly from client side. In other words it means that you are able to bind client side events to server side script. Ajaxed is very well documented and you can find various examples, tips and tutorials to get up to speed quickly.


  • Full AJAX support (calling server side function directly)
  • No low level AJAX skills required
  • No components installation required
  • Easy installation and short learning curve
  • Includes common components such as Datagrid, RSS, Validator, Cache, etc.
  • Uses one of the most popular JavaScript Libraries: Prototype
  • Object Oriented (OO) Approach
  • Includes a complete ASP JSON generator
  • Includes a handful useful functions and components

Ajaxed is released under Lesser GNU (LGPL) open source license version 2.1. You can find further information & download on Ajaxed Website.

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