Ajaxify A Static Website In Minutes

There are many websites which are totally static. They can have an Ajax twist with a little touch.

com.bydust.ajax is a JavaScript class which automatically converts a static website into an Ajaxed one.

Ajax Load

In order to make it work, The website content is marked like:

<!-- begin content -->
*your primary content*
<!-- end content -->

to make the script know which is the content area to be loaded. A detailed documentation can be found here.

When a user without JavaScript is browsing, com.bydust.ajax degrades gracefully & the site will be working normally.

P.S. Thanks to Nick for the suggestion.

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://www.bydust.com/examples/com.bydust.ajax/
Demo: http://www.bydust.com/examples/com.bydust.ajax/
Download: http://www.bydust.com/examples/com.bydust.ajax/downl…


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