Edit And Share From Anywhere With Photoshop For iPhone

Earlier Adobe Photoshop was developed for the admirers of art and design professionals only. But now a days it seems like every person who even knows very little about computers no matter man, woman and child, everyone wants to use every software that are available to them or they are anxious to know almost about everything exist in computer industry. So regardless of keeping in mind about the requirements of professional designers, Photoshop has its own iPhone application, in the shape of Photoshop.com Mobile. What it means is, any one who has an iPhone and wants to do some basic changes with their pictures, this little application will be very helpful to them.

To be honest, this application is an extremely too little version of Photoshop, it has limited functionality. It allows you to perform basic image editing tasks, giving you the option to select a photo from your iPhone, or take one using the device’s camera

There are four drop-down menus at the top of the Photoshop.com Mobile interface, and thats where editing tools ca be accessed. The first is for cropping, rotating and flipping images; the second lets you tweak exposure, saturation, tint and black and white settings; the third applies sketch or soft focus effects; and the final menu will lets you select from a variety of special effects. The effects like Rainbow, Border, Pop, and etc can be found there.

Just as I said you might be thinking by now, that this is not a powerful bunch of tools. Well, you are right, it’s not, because Photoshop.com Mobile is certainly for quick photo editing on the move. If you look it this way, then it is actually a great move because the user interface is just so intuitive. Photoshop Mobile makes intelligent use of the iPhones touch technology. Like, the effects of Saturation and Exposure editing needs you to swipe across the screen to increase the intensity of the effect. At the same time, rotating and flipping is done by manipulating the image with your finger. Confusing but, you can’t pinch the screen to zoom into a photo. The matter of fact is, there is no zoom at all in this App.

What’s important and cool about Photoshop.com Mobile is that once you’ve finished capturing and editing your pictures, you can quickly upload them via online Upload tool. Obviously, the thing is that you can only upload to the Photoshop.com site, well it’s worth signing up for because it’s one of the better photo sharing sites out there.

Well well well again, Photoshop.com Mobile is a cool portable, on-the-go image editor. Just don’t expect anything more than the most basic of imaging tools. Please note that Photoshop.com Mobile is currently only available in the US and Canadian iTunes stores.

Photoshop.com Mobile is being modified every now and then and right now they introduced some more feature
written below:

  • Crop, rotate, change color with just a touch.
  • Give an extra glow with Soft Focus.
  • Get artsy with Sketch.
  • Apply one-touch effects like Warm Vintage and Vignette.
  • Video playback
  • New Straighten
  • Sharpen and Contrast tools
  • Borders: Eight artistic borders are now available in the Effects menu; one touch
  • adds fun frames to your photos.

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