Live Documents: Office for the Internet Community

Live Documents is the office suite for the internet generation — a set of web-enabled, feature-rich applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations that increase personal productivity and facilitate group collaboration.

This review of Live Documents will take a quick look at the app(s) and some of the neat features it offers.


Live Documents is flexible, reliable and powerful. Live Documents offers better collaboration than Google Docs and is mightier than Microsoft Office in terms of user interface. Live Documents provides a user interface that is similar to Microsoft Office, so some users will likely feel somewhat comfortable with the app to start.


Flexibility: Live Documents gives you the choice and flexibility of creating, sharing and editing documents anytime anywhere — all you need is a browser. Your documents look and behave the same way everywhere and you can confidently share your documents with anyone you choose without having to worry about operating system versions or browser compatibility.

Powerful: Live Documents gives you all the major productivity features of Microsoft Office and several new unique aspects that help you “get the job done“. Live Documents also extends collaboration to new levels with unique features such as granular revision history, seamless co-editing and playback.

Reliability: Live Documents is the only online office suite that offers “non-lossy round-tripping” with Microsoft Office – you can import the most complex Microsoft Office documents into Live Documents. When you export these documents back to Microsoft Office formats, all data, formats and object elements in the original document, including those currently unsupported by Live Documents, are retained as they were.

Familiar: Live Documents user interface is somewhat similar to desktop applications. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office or Open Office, then there is little to no difficulty in using Live Documents.

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