Interesting html FORM Validators for web developers

This post illustrates how to use some interesting HTML Form validators to check FORM fields writing only some lines of HTML and JavaScript code. All these proposal are lightweight, cross-browser and simple to use and customize in your web projects in few minutes.

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1. MooTools FormCheck
FormCheck is a class that allows you to perform different tests on form to validate them before submission. FormCheck is lightweight, shiny and fast, supports skins (using CSS), 10 different languages, and shows errors as tips. It support basic validation (required, alpha, digit, alpanu, lenght, confirm…), regex validation (phone, email, url) and a lot of options that allow you to customize this class to fit exactly as you want.

Top Ten Methods Of Becoming A Better Designer

1. Analyze Your Client, Don’t Let Them Ask All The Questions.

When a client approaches you for your services automatically there are many questions that they are asking, such as “What is your turnaround time for this project?” “What is the overall price range for this type of service?”. What you should do next in your reply to this is ask them a few questions such as whereabouts they live, what age they are, how long have they been hiring web designers, who have they hired in the past. These questions just give you a better idea of who you are working with and get a better understanding of the type of person they are.

2. Speak Confidently About Your Pricing.

When pricing your services or work, you must be confident in your own self-ability and price what you feel is an appropriate price for the given design brief. Looking back to question one, a good question to ask your client is what is their budget. Asking this lets you know that they might be on a specific budget that they cannot spend over. Also, when your client has given you details on what they want and you have asked them what their budget is, don’t be afraid to tell them the overall price for what they have asked for. The design brief could be more expensive than their budget, so they might not have the specific budget for what they are asking for. Think of it this way, they have come to you in the first place because of your skill in this area, they might want go over their budget to get an excellent service. Continue reading

Web Development Project Estimator

The Web Development Project Estimator is a simple tool that allows web designers and site developers to quickly and thoroughly estimate the time and materials required for a proposed web project.

To use, simply enter the title of the project and your default hourly rate. Then adjust your anticipated hours accordingly to generate your total project estimate. When finished, you can view your finalized estimate in a print-ready format in case you’d like to save a PDF or print a copy for your records.

Web Fractal Brueshes

A new brush set from Mr. Eyes. Get creative with these brushes and explore the possibilities with this Web Fractal Set. Use them to enhance your backgrounds, abstract designs, or what ever you can think of that would make good use of this pack. Enjoy! If you use my brushes and would like to show off how you used them feel free to send me an email. Also there is no need to leave me credit. These brushes are for personal and commercial use.