Spread your Content on Twitter With Easy Retweet Button

John Resig is sharing very functional script named Easy Retweet Button that will simplify “the sharing of your content on Twitter“.

It is an unobtrusive JavaScript file for displaying a retweet link with a shortened URL via Bit.ly (similar to Tweetmeme) & number of clicks came to that content from Twitter.

Easy Retweet Button

Easy Retweet Button has 2 ready-to-go styles: vertical & horizontal. And it can be easily themed as only HTML, CSS & JavaScript is used.

It is possible to customize the “Retweet” text, prefix of the tweets (like RT @..) & Bit.ly username / API key to be used.

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Beautiful Free and Exclusive Twitter Icons Set

Today we bring you a set of 50 free and exclusive Twitter icons that you can use for your websites.

The icons are provided in both raster and vector formats: The transparent PNG versions are 256×256, and we have also included Illustrator files so that you can resize the icons as needed.

The icons are completely free for personal and commercial use and they’re being released exclusively to all our readers.

If you’d like to share these icons, please refer your friends to this page so that they can download their copy from here.

Below you’ll find a full preview of all icons included in this set. The download link appears at the bottom. Enjoy!

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Twittley – The Next Big Thing in social bookmarking

So when it comes to social bookmarking sites, there is a plethora of worthy front-runners for you to choose from. However, when it comes to social bookmarking sites that harness the nearly infinite power of the wildly popular social networking site “Twitter”… Well, then there’s only ONE:

Twittley is the hottest thing to hit the social bookmarking scene since someone decided it would be a nifty idea to register the domain http://icio.us and add the sub-domain del in front of it in order to create the uber popular del.icio.us that has become a common name around the interwebs! In fact, I would venture to say that Twittley is more than delicious… It’s scrumptious!

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Collection of Free Useful Twitter Plugins For WordPress

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

Twitter Tools integrates with Twitter by giving you the following functionality:

  • Archive your Twitter tweets (downloaded every 10 minutes)
  • Create a blog post from each of your tweets
  • Create a daily or weekly digest post of your tweets
  • Create a tweet on Twitter whenever you post in your blog, with a link to the blog post
  • Post a tweet from your sidebar
  • Post a tweet from the WP Admin screens
  • Pass your tweets along to another service (via API hook).


TwitterDash is a WordPress plugin that adds your friends timeline from twitter into your dashboard.


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Cute Free Twitter Icons For Your Blog : Birdies

In this post we release Birdies: A Free Twitter Icon Set, a set of 12 beautiful and lovely Twitter icons. This set was designed by IconEden and released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. All the icons included in the set have clean shapes and neutral colors that can be used for various contexts, from a “Tweet it” button for your blogs to desktop wallpapers.

The set is available in both pixel and EPS vector format so the icons can be rescaled to any size while retaining their original details. As usual, the icons are free for both personal and commercial projects.

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