Free & Easy to use jQuery Slider Plugin – MopSlider

MopSlider is a Free jQuery plugin that allows you to create beautiful sliders, these slides can contain any type of items. This Free jQuery Slider plugin is very easy to use, you just need to specify width and height of the container.

MopSlider allows to put multiple sliders on a page and you have freedom to place any type of content in your content slider. Continue reading

jQuery (mb)Gallery: Image Gallery With An Inline Thumbnail Browser

jQuery (mb)Gallery is a jQuery plugin for creating image galleries with a slideshow feature.

It is possible to present the galleries in any way wanted & adding a link to display them in the main gallery viewer.


The plugin has an inline thumbnail browser which is great to easily switch between images.

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Free Flash Content Slider for creating sliders from multimedia lists : JC Play List

JC Play List is a free Flash list component for creating sliders from multimedia lists (for ex: .xml and RSS 2.0 feeds from Picasa and Flickr)

It is built with AS3 & can display any kind of lists including items that contain images, titles, descriptions, index numbers, additional information, custom backgrounds and overlays.

Flash Image Slider

The component offers various navigation methods which can be used together or separately, like:

  • navigation through previous/next buttons
  • scroll bar and/or mouse movement
  • horizontal/vertical layout

And, although it comes with a default skin, it is possible to create & implement new ones.

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Free Content Slider With jQuery UI

Web Developer Plus, a blog providing web design/development tips & tutorials, is sharing a slick featured content slider that is built with jQuery & jQuery UI.

It is a tutorial which describes each step (HTML, CSS, JS) & comes with the source files.

Featured Content Slider

The slider auto-changes the displayed content in every x seconds defined & can switch to the clicked item instantly.

In proportion with the size of the “main image”, the slider can present a limited number of items (4 in the example).

It is also a proof of “how jQuery UI can help creating beautiful stuff with a very little JavaScript”. Continue reading

Easy Tabs And Sliders With tabSwitch

tabSwitch is a jQuery plugin for creating tabs & sliders very easily.

It is possible to choose from 7 different effects (fade, show, toggle..) with 2 view styles. Any type of HTML can be used & tabs can be switched as previous-next or directly into a specified one.

tabSwitch - jQuery Tab Plugin

The look of the viewport can be customized via CSS & every single tab can have its own class.

To see the simplicity of usage, here is how it is called & customized:

 $('.SlideTab').tabSwitch('create', {type: 'toggle', height: 300, width: 440});

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