Best Collection of Useful jQuery plugins.


Transform a set of images into a Mac-like Dock menu, horizontal or vertical, with icons that expand on rollover, and optional labels.


NotesForMenu is a very simple JQuery plugin to create a multi-level menu with only one line of code. You can also very easily customize it.

jQuery DropLine Menu

This jQuery menu turns a nested UL list into a horizontal drop line menu, with each sub menu appearing as a single row of links beneath its parent menu.

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JQuery plugin for implementing single + multiple file uploads Very Easy by Uploadify

Uploadify is a jQuery plugin for implementing single + multiple file uploads easier & better.

It requires Flash (which completes the upload) & a server-side file in any language (. PHP one is included) which processes the uploaded file.


The plugin offers various options to control & customize the upload interface like:

  • files types
  • max. number of simultaneous files
  • auto or manual start of uploads
  • size limit
  • callback on every step (onSelect, onCancel..)
  • & more..

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Best jQuery Tutorials And Plugins for your website.

have always liked playing around with jQuery and I’m sure many of you do too! In fact we’ve published some jQuery ‘getting started‘ guides here on Spyre Studios in the past. So this time I thought we’d go more in depth and I’ve hand-picked 20 awesome jQuery tutorials (most of them have working demos)

Here they are:

Creating a Keyboard with CSS and jQuery ?

Creating a Keyboard with CSS and jQuery
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a dynamic keyboard. Of course actually using this keyboard on a website or in a project is probably not gonna happen very often (if ever), but it’s always nice to play around with jQuery to see what can be done.

Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery ?

Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery
I thought this tutorial was pretty amazing! In this one Sam Dunn explains how to create and animate curtains opening and uses the easing plugin to get a bouncing effect when the rope is pulled.

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Excellet Jquery Forms plugins. Very useful for Designers and developers



QuickSelect adds auto suggest type drop down functionality to textbox. It is very easy to integrate into your application and can work with a server side script using JSON. It can also convert a select box into auto suggesting dropdown textbox.

2. SexyCombo

Sexy Combo

This plugin turns existing select boxes into combination of text input and select list so that user can start typing into combobox to select an option.

3. prettyCheckboxes


This plugin makes sure that checkboxes and radio button look the same in different browsers.

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Spread your Content on Twitter With Easy Retweet Button

John Resig is sharing very functional script named Easy Retweet Button that will simplify “the sharing of your content on Twitter“.

It is an unobtrusive JavaScript file for displaying a retweet link with a shortened URL via (similar to Tweetmeme) & number of clicks came to that content from Twitter.

Easy Retweet Button

Easy Retweet Button has 2 ready-to-go styles: vertical & horizontal. And it can be easily themed as only HTML, CSS & JavaScript is used.

It is possible to customize the “Retweet” text, prefix of the tweets (like RT @..) & username / API key to be used.

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Collection of Firefox 3.5 Plugins for Web Development And Social Network

I divided this article in three sections – Web development, Social development related plugins and finally just overall handy plugins for better browsing.

Also I must remind you, you will not find already popular and well known extensions here, since the mayor community already are know such plugins like – GreaseMonkey, WebDeveloper or Firebug tools for example. Just scroll through the list, check screenshots and hopefully several of these plugins will be useful for your daily Firefox internet browsing.

Web Development Related Firefox Plugins

1.Palette Grabber 0.4.1

Creates a color palette for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Flash, Fireworks, Paint.NET, or OS X based on the current page. This plugin is great using together with ColorPicker, actually extends possibilities.



Check the validity of links on any web page, this plugin is good for web designers and actually bloggers too.

There’s also a tool-bar button that can be added for easier access to LinkChecker. Just right click on your tool-bar, choose “Customize” and look for the button with the underlined blue check.


3.View Cookies

Just a little bit faster and handier way how to check site cookies.

It adds a tab to the Page Info dialog box, which shows the cookies of the

current web-page. This is interesting for developers, privacy-conscious users and others.


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