Free JavaScript Library for creating Thematic Mapping For Google Maps, Cartographer

Thematic maps are very useful when describing statistical data about places. The data, simply, becomes much easier to understand.

Cartographer is a JavaScript library for creating thematic maps on Google Maps which supports custom styling.

It is only a one JavaScript file that relies on the powerful Raphael.js vector-graphics library.


It supports 3 visualizing types:

  • Chloropleth (color coded regions)
  • Pie charts
  • Point clusters

The areas on maps are mentioned as latitudes or regions (depending on the type) which means no hacking or manual calculations.

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Free Prototype Star Rating Library: Starbox

Starbox is a star rating library built on Prototype Javascript framework which you can use to create most types of star rating systems with 1 png image.

In order to add some extra effects to the star rating code, you can add as well (sample codes can be found in the Starbox website).

Prototype Star Rating

Some features of Starbox:

  • Re-rating allows you to adjust your previous rating.
  • Easily saving your rating with Ajax using the build in callback.
  • Styling the Starbox based on status (hover, rated and locked).
  • Good seperation of Javascript, CSS and images.
  • A ghosting bar that tracks your average.
  • Batched building of Starboxes based on cached overlay images.

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Ajaxed – Classic ASP Library With AJAX Support

The ajaxed library is free classic ASP library with built-in AJAX support, providing you with common tools for the development of modern web applications. It can also be used within your existing ASP applications so that you can add rich web applications experience with less effort.

Ajaxed comes with a unique AJAX approach which lets you call server side VBScript code directly from client side. In other words it means that you are able to bind client side events to server side script. Ajaxed is very well documented and you can find various examples, tips and tutorials to get up to speed quickly. Continue reading

A Flexible UI Library: jQuery TOOLS

jQuery TOOLS is a set of frequently used user interface components, built with/for jQuery, to power your websites.

The library is lightweight (5.8kb) and consists of the following tools:

  • tabs
  • tooltip
  • scrollable
  • overlay
  • expose
  • flashembed

jQuery Tools

All the tools can be used together, extended, configured and styled which makes it very flexible.

Every feature in the library is very well documented & offers various examples to lower the learning curve.

It is also possible to download the tools you need rather than the whole package, combined in a one file. Continue reading