Free PHP-MySQL image gallery script for easily displaying any number of images: GaleriaSHQIP

GaleriaSHQIP is a free PHP-MySQL image gallery script for easily displaying any number of images.

It has an admin panel to upload new images or delete/update the previous ones.


The script offers a simple interface for presenting images & upon-click, they can be viewed in their original sizes in a modal box (uses piroBox).

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Free, Simple, easy to use fade effect slideshow image gallery, controlled by XML input.

Fade in and fade out between any number of images, with this simple to use slideshow. You can control the loop function, the use of random playback of images, the transition time between slides as well as the display time of an image. All from the XML configuration file.282_fullscreen_image2355
If you use the component inside a website, you can set the component width and height in the HTML. Otherwise you can easily use it in other Flash projects by drag and drop.

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Free Customizable jQuery Gallery Plugin: Ad Gallery

Ad Gallery is a jQuery plugin for creating an image gallery/showcase quickly.

The plugin uses unordered lists & converts them by offering lots of options for a better customization.


Some features of the plugin are:

  • auto-start from any image
  • keyboard navigation support
  • custom effects like slide, fade..
  • show image descriptions
  • clicking the images close to the next-prev buttons will call more thumbnails
  • work as a slideshow with start-stop buttons
  • & more..

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Open Source CMS Application, XML-Based Image Gallery With GalleryCMS

GalleryCMS is an open source CMS application that is specially built for managing image galleries.

The application does not offer a front-end to the galleries. It enables you to create galleries, add images with ease & generates a XML file which can be used for creating the gallery.


The format of the XML file created can be customized which makes GalleryCMS ideal for using with the Flash & JavaScript galleries around that has no backends.

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Open Source Free Simple & Powerful PHP Image Gallery: Plogger

Plogger is an open source image gallery application, built with PHP-MySQL, that offers a simple usage with powerful features.

The application comes with an attractive admin interface for managing the galleries & can be integrated into any website by adding three lines of PHP code.


Using Plogger, it is possible to create unlimited albums that can include unlimited images. And, uploading the images is a breeze as they can be sent one at a time or as a .zip file in bulk.

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