Search-Based Keyword Tool From Google

If you have ever advertised at Google Adwords, you probably experienced a keyword guessing process.

Google now helps this with the Search-Based Keyword Tool.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool

The example simply demonstrates, if was to be advertised with Google Adwords & web design was a keyword to be used:

  • the tool checks the website to analyze the content
  • suggests other related keywords

Definitely a time saver for Google Adwords users. Continue reading

Chrome extensions draw near, but advanced HTML 5 features recede

A new developer version of Chrome takes some significant strides to adding the top-requested feature–the ability to accommodate extensions that customize what Google’s browser can do–but programmers also pushed back support for a collection of significant advanced Web features.

Google Chrome emerged Tuesday night for people willing to try the developer preview version. The new version installs some of the plumbing necessary to support the feature, according to the release notes.

A lightweight sample Chrome extension shows how many Gmail messages you have.

“The extensions posse would like to point out that as of today’s dev channel release, extensions are starting to be a bit more useful. We can now put little bits of UI (user interface) in the chrome of Chrome, and some of the APIs (application programming interfaces) are starting to come together,” said Google programmer Aaron Boodman in a mailing list post Tuesday. “There is still quite a ways to go, but if you’re interested in building extensions for Chrome, this might be a good time to start taking a look.”

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Google Adsense Monetizing, Traffic, Testing Tips, Tricks And Resources

Google Adsense is the most common revenue generators for blogs and websites and probably also the most easier way how to earn money, start to make some income, if You got already niche blog and some traffic. I started with Adsense too, I am not going specifics about numbers, but income is pretty motivating to keep going and think about monetizing. Also remember not to overact, setting up too much advertisements on Your site – this article should be useful if You are just starting out, don’t know how it really works and also for people who use this service but already thinks about some optimizing and digging deeper. I just went it all through, so consider this as sharing with experience, resources and articles, which should help You understand and actually do better when You are thinking about starting to make money from what are You doing.

Usually You can really increase Your overall earning by positioning the ads wisely, choosing the most appropriate banner size and color for Your site. If You want to go to success, You must learn from successful people, who are ready to share and thankfully there are more than enough that kind of people over the world, so let’s take a look. Continue reading

Daily Tidbits: Doodle 4 Google calling all students

Google announced its “Doodle 4 Google 2009” competition Tuesday. According to the company, all kindergarten through 12th grade U.S. students can design a Google logo based on the theme, “What I wish for the world.” Applications will be accepted until March 31 and the winner’s doodle will be displayed on Google’s homepage on May 21. The winner will receive a $15,000 college scholarship and a $25,000 technology grant for their school. Google will also award a school district $10,000 for the “greatest quality participation.” Student drawings will be evaluated by a panel of independent judges and Google employees.

Video creation service, Animoto, announced Tuesday that in time for Valentine’s Day, users can send video love letters framed in the company’s heart-themed animated page. Users will also be able to combine images from the company’s new themed collections into their videos, which include Valentine’s Day, birthday, travel, nature, and scenes. Animoto’s Valentine’s greeting is free for a 30-second spot, but costs $3 for full-length videos. Continue reading

Google Earth now includes undersea view

AN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3 (UPI) — Google, the California-based search engine giant, has added an undersea view of the world to Google Earth.

The new feature, announced Monday at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco, includes maps of the ocean bottom, photographs and videos of underwater flora and fauna and shipwreck models.

Sylvia Earle, a former chief scientist at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, once joked that Google Earth should be called “Google Dirt,” because it omitted two-thirds of the planet’s surface. At the launch, she said that Google now provides “a fantastic new rendition of the earth.” Continue reading

Google fakes out Hotmail for Chrome support

Google has added a patch to its latest beta and stable versions of Chrome to make the browser work better with Microsoft’s Hotmail site.

With the patch, Chrome tells Microsoft’s site it’s actually Apple’s Safari browser, sidestepping a compatibility issue that had caused problems using the site.

“While the Hotmail team works on a proper fix, we’re deploying a workaround that changes the user agent string that Google Chrome sends when requesting URLs that end with,” Chrome Product Manager Mark Larson said in a blog announcement. It also fixes a problem sending mail from Yahoo Mail, he said.

The patch is in Chrome, which also fixes a severe security problem.

Matt Cutts, Google’s chief Web spam fighter and a high-profile company blogger, was less delicate about the Hotmail issue. “Normally you think of Web pages being faster to update than client-side software downloads. In this case though, Chrome updates near-weekly, much faster than Hotmail did. Another illustration that velocity and speed of iteration matter,” he said in an online comment about the matter. Continue reading