Free Flash XML based Voting Poll, Fully customizable

This is a fully customizable XML Flash Voting Poll, built with support for unlimited number of answers. Everything is customizable in the XML files, including the question’s height, text, color, size and much more.

This XML Flash Voting Poll contains a handful of features and settings. It is easy to use the poll in your Flash projects or as an independent Flash Poll Component on your html based website. If you want to use the poll in Flash file, importing it , is as easy as moving some actionscript files around, and dragging the movieclip containing the Flash player in your Flash file.


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Best collection of Flash MP3 Players. best to use.

6 Flash Mp3 Player

I collect best 6 tutorials about flash mp3 player. You can learn how to create attractive mp3 player for your website. This mp3 player includes playlist, Xml driven, AS3… Some tutorials teaches you build a flash mp3 player spectrum analyzer

8-9-2009 2-26-11 PM

Create a Simple and Attractive MP3 Player

Build simple mp3 player and learn how to use Timer and sound class.

See for yourself..


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Free Flash Content Slider for creating sliders from multimedia lists : JC Play List

JC Play List is a free Flash list component for creating sliders from multimedia lists (for ex: .xml and RSS 2.0 feeds from Picasa and Flickr)

It is built with AS3 & can display any kind of lists including items that contain images, titles, descriptions, index numbers, additional information, custom backgrounds and overlays.

Flash Image Slider

The component offers various navigation methods which can be used together or separately, like:

  • navigation through previous/next buttons
  • scroll bar and/or mouse movement
  • horizontal/vertical layout

And, although it comes with a default skin, it is possible to create & implement new ones.

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Free Easily Converts Flash file into Silverlight File: SilverX

SilverX is a free software which aims to help Silverlight designers/developers for converting existing Flash content to Silverlight.

It supports most of the Flash’s basic features like: vector primitives, images, texts & animations.


SilverX can be used for other scenarios as many applications has “export to SWF features” which means they can be converted to Silverlight now (ex: exporting CorelDraw vector graphics to SWF file and then convert it to Silverlight XAML).

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Amazing Collection of Best Flash Components, for web and applications,

Now, you can add a professional looking flash banner ad or a flash intro to your site without banner making software.

Flow List

Flow List Component loads external images and creates a 3D flow animation. Flexible API makes it easy to integrate this component into your web application. At only 40K (raw) Flow List is the perfect tool for displaying dynamic image sets.

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Free Flash Social Bookmarking Component : Flash Bookmarks

Flash Bookmarks is a free Flash component for integrating social bookmarking links to any website easily.

It supports the most popular sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Google and Reddit.

Flash Social Bookmarking

The look & feel of the social bookmarking menu created with the component is totally customizable. It is possible to change:

  • the icons to be displayed
  • the size of the icons
  • the aspect of the hint text for the icons
  • details regarding the bookmarked data.

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