Gift for Developerrs & Designers. Free Software to Get Color of Any Pixel – Instant Eyedropper

Identification the color code of an object on the screen is usually an involved, multistep process: You press the Print Screen key to copy a screenshot to the clipboard, load a graphics-editing program, create a new file, paste the screenshot from the clipboard, zoom in on the object, use the “Pick Color” tool, and finally copy the HTML code of the color to the clipboard.

Get rid of this tedious process with Instant Eyedropper – A Free Software for webmasters.

Instant Eyedropper is a Free software tool for webmasters that will identify and automatically paste to the clipboard the HTML color code of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click.

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Make Mega drop-down Using Jquery, Best for designers & developers.

Mega drop-down menus are not actually new, but more and more we see them on popular websites and blogs. With the ever increasing quantity of content on the web we have to figure out solutions to display content and navigation but still keep everything usable and provide a good user experience. It’s no wonder mega drop-downs are now used more often.


Today we’ll take a look at creating a simple HTML site with a horizontal navigation bar where a menu item will have a mega drop-down attached to it. I used jQuery for the drop-down and some CSS3 for the rounded corners.

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Free Resources to Help You Become a CSS Expert Designer,

CSS is the second-most-important thing you can master when it comes to web design, right after HTML.

And the capabilities of CSS can be staggering (especially with the new CSS3 standard already making appearances in some browsers).

If you can imagine it, it’s likely someone has already figured out how to do it with CSS.

Below are more than 250 resources for mastering CSS. While they’re not likely to make it any less staggering, they can help you master the techniques that will help set your designs apart from the crowd.

CSS3 Resources

30 Essential CSS3 Resources – A roundup of 30 great tutorials, tips, and other resources for what’s new in CSS3.

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Best Collection of jQuery Tutorials, Gift for Designers & Developers.

nimated Menu Using jQuery

This tutorial illustrates how to implement a nice animated menu using jQuery and CSS.

Create a Dynamic Scrolling Content Box Using AJAX

From this tutorial you can learn how to create dynamic scrolling content box.

How to create tab with JavaScript

This tutorial explains how to create a tab using jQuery and simple JavaScript.

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Best jQuery Plugins/Techniques For Web Designers And Developers

Everyday, new jQuery plugins and techniques are being released on the web.  You may not have the time to check them all out, but here’s 20 relatively new jQuery plugins/techniques to quench your jQuery thirst for now.

Horinaja – jQuery Slideshow

Horinaja is a jQuery slideshow (also available for scriptaculous/prototype) which auto-scrolls your content in the slider when the mouse it not over it.  When you hover over the slideshow though, you can use your mouse scroll to scroll forward and backwards among the slideshow items.

Scrollable Content With jQuery

Scrollable allows you to create a slideshow similar to Horinaja (above) which scroll your content only when you hover your mouse over it and use your mouse scroller to rotate among the items.

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Huge Collection of High Quality Vector Graphics, best resources for designers.

Modern designers use silhouette to create dramatic effect in many art works because silhouette emphasizes the outline and view of an object. The mystery of silhouette objects create a space for viewers’ imagination. Apple’s iPod advertisement is a successful example of using silhouette.

This week, we’ve managed to compiled 85 free high quality silhouette sets to speed up your designing job. Full list after jump.


Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 01 (12 shapes)


Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 02 (12 shapes)

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