Five Important CSS Hacks Tips for IE, Every Designer Should Know.

A lot of web developers still finding the best way to build a cross browser website. Especially showing it on ie6 browser,Internet Explorer old logo your beautiful looking website in Mozilla can become ugly and hideous website. I’m not discouraging you guys but this is the truth. Staying out late at night designing your website will be such a waste if not be able to show it to all the internet user right? So why having a website that looks better in ie’s browser is also important? The main question is:

Why? Why? Why? There’re still internet users using ie browser and even worst they still using ie6 browser to surf. Are they holding the spirit of old school or something?

When you buy a pc or laptop that have windows operating system, it’s bundled with ie browser. If you have windows xp, I’m sure you will get ie6 browser. In the office, for sure you get ie6 for old pc. Either you’re too lazy to install new browser or your company block any installation to the pc. :P

Whatever the reason is, here I list some of the css hack for ie that I know.

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Best Tips for Every Web Designer, Just Starting Out Should Know

There are many aspects of creating a website design. Web designers often have to play multiple roles and be very knowledgeable about building effective and usable site layouts.

10 Things Every Web Designer Just Starting Out Should Know

Most of the lessons you’ll learn in web design comes from work experience; learning is an iterative process and there is no better way to gain knowledge than to make mistakes (and then and learning from them).

In this article, we discuss 10 essential and general tips that every novice web designer should know.

1. Optimize Web Graphics for Better Page Load Times

Learn how to optimize your web graphics by selecting the proper format and making sure that it’s as small as it can possibly be. Even though people are advancing to broadband connections, there are still quite a few who use dial-up internet connections. Additionally, with the emergence of mobile device technologies that don’t necessarily have broadband-like speeds, having slow page load times due to image file sizes can turn users off.

Here a general rule of thumbs for picking the right file format: images that have solid colors are best saved as PNGs and GIFs, while images with continuous colors (such as photographs) are best saved as JPGs.

Optimize Web Graphics for Better Page Load Times

There are plenty of tools available at your disposal that will help you further optimize your images and lower their file sizes, check out this list of tools for optimizing your images.

By limiting the number of images you use to the bare minimum, being smart about using images, and reducing file sizes as best as you can, you will significantly cut down page response times of  a web page and improve your web page performance.

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Useful List of Tools for CSS Developers, Designers.

This is not an attempt to create a mega list of tools for CSS developers; only few but really useful tools have been selected and placed under appropriate categories. If you see that a really useful tool has been missed, please feel free to share the link in comments.

Note that for a tool to be really useful, it also needs to provide easy to follow instructions and user friendly interface unless it is really straight forward. Unfortunately several tools listed in this list may not fulfill this criteria. If you are aware of another tool that is more user friendly and feature rich than one of the  listed tools, please let us know and we may replace it with an existing tool. Continue reading

Design Resource | 25 Best Sites to Download Free Vector Files

As a designer its always handy to have a collection of pre-made vector objects to use in your designs, but finding a best/perfect piece of vector is not an easy task, even though there are quite a few resources around the web, some of the websites are best and others are not worth checking, here I’ve collected best 25 websites of them  where you can download free vector files, all these sits are worth bookmarking, hope you like this list..

1) 123Vectors

Sites to download Free Vectors

2) QVectors

Sites to download Free Vectors

3) Vecteezy

Sites to download Free Vectors

4) Vector Vally

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Essential Free Portable Web Design and Development Applications

All of these freeware applications have been in some cases, modified and trimmed down in size to allow them to fit on to a portable device like a USB drive or a portable hard drive. Rather than carrying a bulky laptop, you can carry all your applications and programs, your bookmarks, local servers, emails, passwords, graphic editors and favorite browsers with you anywhere in your pocket. What a great idea!

Portable Web Browsers

Portable Web Design and Development FreewareURL & Download : Avant Browser.
Description : There does not seem to be a portable version of Internet Explorer, this is the closest I could find, and it is better. The layout was designed to be more flexible and ergonomic than IE. It even supports (the terribly) few IE addins and toolbars and the list of features and tools in itself are pretty impressive as well.
Download Size : 300kb.
OS : All Windows only.

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10 Excellent Tips For Designers To Improve Their Income

Sometimes, it seems absolutely impossible to keep up with all the design work you’ve got coming in. But, other times, it may seem like you just don’t have enough work to meet your income goals.

In these times, it makes sense to offer a few more services to your clients — to make sure that you can make a little more money.

The ten services below can make it easy to boost your income and take advantage of the design skills you’ve developed.

1. Blog Setup

Everybody and their dog wants a blog these days — but a lot of these would-be bloggers aren’t up to much more than opening a free account on Blogger or WordPress. Setting up a hosted blog, installing plugins and customizing a theme are all beyond them. But if you can provide these services, you can pick up some easy cash. Continue reading