Free Hand Picked Color Palette and Color Scheme Generators

When it comes to online color palette and color scheme generators, the choice can be hard, as there are many tools out there that offer such functionality. At one point, I was tempted to list the 50+ generators that I know about, but then thought, this isn?t about making another “ultimate” list, what matters most are the tools that offer the functionalities required to unleash your creative juices.

Color is the most significant factor that affects our mood and perception of any visual element, and making the right choice of a color combination is considered a priority, regardless where it will be used. This roundup is about the online tools that will help you accomplish that, 15 to be exact, packed with features to make the process of generating color palettes, schemes, and themes a smooth, pleasant, and creative experience.

1. COPASO by ColourLovers


ColourLovers has always been a favorite destination for designers, not only because of its vibrant community, but also for the great online tools they provide. I have listed their pattern generator in a previous roundup, and now again, COPASO their advanced color palette tool, is going to be on this list. In case you find COPASO a bit intimidating, you can try their basic color palette tool.

2. Kuler by Adobe

Kuler by

Kuler is Adobe?s online color themes generator, it?s an advanced and yet very simple tool to use. The tool comes packed with features, and you can even download a desktop version.

3. Toucan by Aviary

Toucan by

Toucan is a powerful tool with lots of features to help you generate color palettes. Toucan is part of a suite of creation tools by Aviary.


The newest addition to the color palette generators is the revolutionary ColoRotate. The approach is simple: 3D – just the way our brains perceive color. You can also find very useful information about color in their Learn about color page.


ColorExplorer allows you to generate color palettes from an uploaded image or from selecting colors. You can also explore the color libraries or use tools such as the color matching tool and the analysis and conversion tools.

6. has many features to help you generate a color scheme: You can generate color schemes from color, from image (uploaded, from URL, or a random Flickr image), and from the colors of a website. You can also explore the previously created colors and schemes for some inspiration.


Colormunki has a tool that lets generate color palettes either from the Musell color system or form PANTONE? Goe coated. The site also includes a list of images and their color palettes.


GenoPal has two online tools to help create color schemes; you can extract the colors from an image, or you can generate your own color scheme.


ColorJack is a popular destination to explore and generate color palettes and schemes. The site has many interesting tools such as the Color Sphere, Color Studio, and Color Galaxy tools. There is even a Color Blindness chart and other goodies that you can learn about from the blog.


W3-Palette is a simple and straight forward destination for creating and exploring color palettes.


Color Scheme Designer is considered a favorite among web designers. The tool has been around for a while and has evolved at the hands of its creator, Petr Stanicek, to version 3.

12. Colors Palette Generator by CSSdrive

Colors Palette Generator by

The Colors Palette Generator by CSSdrive is a useful tool to easily create a color palette from an image. Images used to create a color palette can either be uploaded from your own machine, or from any URL.


Color Hunter is a site that allows the exploration and generation of color palettes from images. The images used in the process of