New Web Magazines: Click Creative and Groovy Mag

As print mags are getting cut from publishers lists, web-based magazines are springing up to replace them. Here are a couple of recent launches.

Click Creative

Click Creative is a free, bimonthly magazine available online in PDF format. It’s focus appears to be 2D and 3D design, photography, web and interactive media. The Nov 2008 issue is 11 pages [2.39 Mb PDF file]. The next issue is out on Dec 6/08. They’re currently looking for new cover art. Information at their website.

Groovy Mag

While Click Creative is free, Groovy Mag costs US$4.99. It’s not clear if there’s a print edition, but there doesn’t seem to be. Can they make a paid web magazine model work? Niche software magazines in print, to my recollection, always had to struggle, though with distribu tion costs being next to nothing in comparison, it’s possible that this could work. But apparently you have to log in to purchase a copy (no idea why), and payment (including credit cards) is processed through PayPal. You can get a free 4-page sampler PDF from the site.

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