Open Source, MultiUser, iGoogle-Like Start Pages For Intranets: Picok

Picok (personal information cockpit) is an open source, multi-user script where users can create their own iGoogle-like start pages.

It is ideal for intranets as an admin account can pre-define the available components like feed addresses & users can select items from that list.


Similar to iGoogle, the items can be:

  • drag’n dropped
  • minimized
  • configured

The script has integration support for Lotus Notes, Doodle, Wikipedia, Google Maps & more. Also, users can create post-it notes.

Picok offers a multi-language interface & can be extended by writing custom portlets.

It is built with PHP (Zend Framework), YUI & supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Lotus Notes

Requirements: PHP & MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or IBM Lotus Notes
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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