Firefox Watch Out! Chrome Gets Extension

Google’s Chrome has been in existence for quite some time now. While the browser was quick to move out of beta, you might be interested to know that Chrome has three release channels targeted at different segments. The stable release of the browser (currently at V, a beta release version and the Developer Preview Channel.

It is the developer channel that gets all the new features first (for obvious reasons) and provides developers a testing ground to check instability, bugs and other issues. These versions are not intended for “normal” users as it is highly unstable to work with. However, most of us are interested in this version just because of the fact that this is where almost all the upcoming features of the browser can be seen, way before they ever each the stable version.

So, in a recent update the Developer Release of the browser has graduated to version with a much “look forwarded to” extensions support. Chrome’s competition Mozilla Firefox thrives on its comprehensive extensions support and has only due to this option that it has managed to become the second-most widely used browser on the planet. Although there is a long way for Chrome to reach the sophistication levels of Firefox’s extensions, this is a good start nevertheless. There are some sample Chrome extensions samples already available on the developer channel.

If you are running the latest developer channel version, you will need to add the “–enable-extensions” line to the command line and then launch the browser.

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