Open-source PHP/XUL application for Desktop Applications development With PHP – SiteFusion

SiteFusion is an open source and server-based development platform where a XUL client runs code written with PHP.

The application runs on a server generating JavaScript commands but looks and behaves like native desktop applications.

The output is platform-independent and can access the client filesystem, run programs, play sounds ,etc.


  • Platform-independent applications
  • OS-native look and feel
  • Writing applications in pure object-oriented PHP
  • No traditional browser security restrictions: access the client filesystem and run programs
  • It’s Fast!
  • API that offers the full set of possibilities that XUL and PHP entail
  • Aimed at quick, efficient programming by minimizing the amount of code needed
  • Client connecting through a regular webserver, no additional configuration required
  • Thin, update-free XUL client
  • XULCustomTree, the adapted tree class that unlocks all features of the Mozilla tree view including sorting, drag & drop and editable cells. Also supports sparse trees, allowing efficient presentation and operation of trees of over 10000 nodes.
  • Continuous processes on the server side governed by a daemon
  • Two-way real-time ZLib compressed communication
  • No exposure of application logic and code
  • Possibility to easily integrate all kinds of XPCOM platform-dependent binary components into the client and operate them from the server
  • Silently pushing these client extensions from the server, without user interaction. This enables the client to effectively transform into any form required by the application.
  • Jobs, cronjob-like timed execution of a PHP script and mailing of the output to a specified address
  • Services, separate processes facilitating certain features to other processes


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