Great Collection of Flash Content Management Systems.

For the past few years Flash developers have been struggling to create a powerful and intuitive content management system, which would allow the developer to quickly manage and maintain there Flash sites, and also a system in which the basic end-user could edit and update their Flash websites with little or no Flash knowledge.

There have been lots of Flash CMS solutions reviews recently but they are useless for the regular users as most of us simply don’t know where and how to implement them. That’s why I have decided to create a review of Flash CMS templates solutions presently available on the market, the solutions that will allow you build your new flash website quickly, easily at without additional costs.

Silex Open-Source Flash CMS

Silex is the first popular French Flash CMS and it’s completely free and open source! Silex is rapidly evolving, due to the international community actively contributing to its development.
Not only can you manage a Flash based web site, with SILEX you can also: create CD-ROMs, manage databases, customizing WordPress blogs, web TV, importing webmaster tools. Silex is a one of a kind mix between editing software and wiki based software.

Silex CMS “Positive” features:

  • Its completely FREE & open source;
  • More thank just a Flash CMS (you can also cerate CD-ROMs, manage databases, customizing WordPress blogs…);
  • Multilingual support;
  • Handy WYSIWYG;
  • Automatic SEO system;
  • Lots of free themes and components;
  • Powerful admin interface.

Silex CMS “Negative” features:

  • A little bit buggy;
  • Built with Flash 8;
  • Not very user friendly.

Silex CMS Demos & Downloads:
Silex CMS Homepage & Downloads »
Silex CMS Demo »

Wix Site Builder

If you have ever been looking for a free flash website you might have been on a Wix site and even considered using their builder to create your free flash website. Guys at Wix have a huge number of nicely designed templates and working with the Wix system is a real pleasure. It takes just a few minutes to sign up with them, choose the template and proceed to the editing interface. Editing the template reminds more of a fun game with big iconed tools 🙂 You can change texts and fonts, you can add photos, videos and music and create nice galleries. You can also view your website online on the link like this one and it’s also for free.

If you want more features than the free version of Wix allows you can sign up for a premium account (starting from $4.95/month) and use your own domain name, remove Wix ads and logo from your website.

Yooba Flash CMS

Yooba Flash CMS is a tool for creating simple flash animated websites in the Yooba environment. That’s a hosted solution so in order to manage your website you have to login to the membership area on the Yooba website. Before starting on the project you’ll have to prepare the design of your new web page and save all the elements as separate images that then will be uploaded to your Yooba interface. The nice feature about Yooba is that they offer simple website visitors stats.

The price of Yooba is somewhat high- €40 per slot a month and you have to build the design on your own. Yooba is not a CMS in the usual understanding however it allows to create animated websites with easy and without flash or any other special knowledge.

FlashMint CMS v3

FlashMint is a leading provider of Flash CMS Templates. They have CMS v1, CMS v2 and CMS v3 templates presented in their collection. While the first two versions of FlashMint content management system where pretty primitive, version 3 looks cool. There’s a nice intuitive admin area and the administration interface allows to perform the following basic actions:

  • Upload your logo; add company name;
  • Upload website background image;
  • Change company name and menu colors.
  • Unlimited number of photo galleries;
  • Photo controls for the website visitors;
  • Photo search;
  • Unlimited number of video galleries;
  • Slideshow creator.

Template price: $204-215

ReadyPhotoSite Flash CMS

Initially developed for photographers community, ReadyPhotoSite CMS can be used to create any type of website, from business to entertainment sites. The product is available in 4 packages:

  • Basic- for business websites;
  • Creative- for photography websites and personal portfolios;
  • Ecommerce- for online flash stores;
  • Premium- includes the design .fla files allowing to make modifications not available from the admin area.
  • General website settings (logo, menu, copyright etc);
  • Meta-data manager;
  • Photo gallery (unlimited number of photo galleries);
  • Video gallery (unlimited number of video galleries);
  • Slideshow creator;
  • Mp3 tracks editor;
  • News section;
  • Events editor;
  • Password protected galleries;
  • Shopping cart and online store.

The pricing for ReadyPhotoSite websites depends on functionality. The basic package is $149, creative $159, ecommerce- $199 and premium package is $250.

View ReadyPhotoSite templates View admin area demo

Fancy CMS

Fancy CMS is a new promising flash content management system that seems to be still in development. They have triumphantly launched their first template and promise more to come shortly. As a fresh developing product Fancy CMS might also be interesting for flash developers as there’s a beta version of Fancy Flash CMS Core available for free. One oops- the admin area is not available yet so if you decide to download the templates be ready to edit the info directly in the xml files.

Among the interesting features of Fancy Flash CMS are:

  • Rich content pages with 2-level menus;
  • Flash blog;
  • e-commerce shopping cart,
  • Option to change the pages design and layout;
  • Video, Image & Sound Galleries.

The system is skin based so you can easily change skins to newer design versions. At the moment the system is free.

Download Free Fancy CMS

FlashMoto CMS

Loved by flash developers the FlashMoto CMS has the widest range of functionality possible. There’s an option to edit the core of the system, add new modules and widgets and create separate projects based on the FlashMoto CMS. However when it comes to website management it gets complicated for most of us… since there are too many options available. Certain functionality limitations would guarantee that design look and feel remains stylish and professional but this in not the case when you can play around with almost every element and then can’t set it back to default position. Yet, we have to admit that FlashMoto CMS is a powerful engine, though (and in the consent of our theme today) oriented more on developers than end users. What’s really cool about this CMS is the Multilingual Control Panel supporting 12 languages.

Among the features of the FlashMoto CMS you will find:

  • Interface to update general settings like logo, menu, company name etc;
  • Ability to add unlimited number of pages in a rich WYSIWYG editing environment;
  • Media Library & Preload Item option;
  • News module, Video & Image Gallery ;
  • Video and MP3 player.

The templates cost around $250 and are all designed in the up-to-date clean style which makes the offer even more attractive.

View FlashMoto CMS templates View admin area demo

Mint Editor

Mint editor is another flash website management product created by This is not a standalone product or system but rather a management interface allowing to easily update info on the flash templates via simple admin area. While opened in Mint Editor, the template is represented as a structured combination of various flash components, with a separate set of configuration settings for each of them. The list of components include:

  • Audio gallery;
  • Image gallery;
  • Video gallery;
  • Slideshow;
  • Dynamic news;
  • Dynamic text page;
  • Contact section.

Mint Editor is probably the cheapest solution of that kind presented on the market. Mint Editor templates cost $50 and are hand-coded for a certain appropriate design.

AuroraFlash Site Builder

In simple words AuroraFlash site builder is your desktop flash WYSIWYG editor allowing to build fantastic flash websites without any special skills and within 30 minutes. The concept is very simple and the editor works as a candy. All you have to do is download the editor and auto install it on your computer in several simple clicks. After that the program will offer you choose the template to work with from the number of default designs and the interface will load.

The components presented in default free templates include:

  • Text pages;
  • News;
  • Photo gallery;
  • Contact section.

There’s a set of flash templates you can download directly from the website absolutely for free and use it for creating of your personal website, however if you plan creating a project for your customer based on AuroraFlash website builder be sure to read the licensing terms.

Royale CMS

Royale CMS is the strongest competitor to FlashMoto. It is being used by some huge corporate names like Nokia, Reebok, Sony, etc. The main advantage of Royale CMS is that it is ridiculously well structured. It may not allow you to manage your template design, but when it comes to editing content of some custom flash website – Royale CMS is the perfect backend manager. In fact, they do not offer any templates at all. Royale CMS is basically a system to manage your website XML data.

It is a very useful and handy solution.

Royale CMS “Positive” features:

  • Easy intuitive admin interface;
  • handy WYSIWYG;
  • Easy media management;
  • Automatic image cropping.

Royale CMS “Negative” features:

  • You won’t be able to add it to your flash template unless you are a flash developer;
  • Absolutely no control over template design;
  • No ready-made templates available;
  • High price.

Royale CMS Demos & Downloads:
Royale CMS Homepage & Downloads »

TemplateAction Flash CMS

According to TemplateAction team, TemplateAction website templates are fully customizable and editable via an extensive control panel. The admin area allows:

  • Rename pages, edit and format texts;
  • Add links, add/remove/change images;
  • Change the video background.

Compared to other Flash CMS system reviewed above, TemplateAction CMS doesn’t have an advanced functionality but it’s quite enough for a simple flash business or personal website. There are 17 nice templates presently available and the price is fair- $89 only. There’s a admin panel demo available on YouTube so you have a good chance to review the functionality before making your choice of the CMS based flash template and placing the order


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