Watch Out For Google Wave – Collaboration + Communication Tool

Announced at Google I/O conference, Google Wave will be released later this year. In just couple of days hundreds of reviews have been written about Google Wave and it seems like it will be a massive success. As web developers we need to prepare ourselves for what’s heading our way.

Google Wave is a real time communication platform that provides powerful mix of email, instant messaging, wiki, chat, project management, document management, social interaction, etc. It also offers unlimited options for integrations, functionality and features by allowing developers to create extensions, gadgets and robots. On top of all this Google Wave uses an open protocol, so anyone can build their own wave system.

Basic Features:

  • Real Time
    Pretty much everything you do can be shared in real time character by character. And this is not just inside Google Wave, if you have integrated you wave in your blog or website, the real time changes will be visible there as well.
  • Functionality of Wiki
    Every you make, can be edited like a Wiki in real time and can be easily converted or exported into a final document.
  • Playback
    Ability to play back each and every change made by every one or some one specific or a certain portion by everyone or some one specific.
  • Drag & Drop
    Easily drag drop pictures, files & links. And off course you can embed other media types like videos, maps, etc.
  • Extend Google Wave
    Powerful API allows developers to create extensions, gadgets and robots. Some existing extensions include real time link tool, spell checker and translator. The API is powerful enough to allow innovative developers to even create games.
  • Open Source

Frankly Google Wave is a revolutionary product and it can be fully appreciated only when you experience it yourself. The best place to get an overview is to see the video of Wave demo at Google I/O conference.  You can learn more about Google Wave from the following links:

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