Very Impressive, mature & free live support software: LiveZilla

LiveZilla is a very impressive, mature & free live support software which enables you to provide live chat support on any website.

It is managed via a desktop-based (Windows OS) application & a web-based management is in the roadmap.

A chat can be initiated by a visitor clicking the “chat” button or pro-actively by the admin starting a chat without the visitor asks for it.

LiveZilla Free Live Support Software

With the help of canned messages, it is possible to give quick answers to predefined questions. Users can be pushed to an URL wanted which is great for guiding them.

If there are no admins when there is a chat request, visitors can leave an offline message.

The software offers real-time visitor monitoring like seeing which pages they are currently browsing & their browser, OS, geolocation details.

LiveZilla also comes with webcam support for personalized chats and increased customer retention.

It requires only PHP to run as data is kept file-based.

Requirements: PHP 4.1+, Windows OS (for admin PCs)

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