Tiny And Chic Flash Mp3 Player: Audio Player

Audio Player is a tiny yet beautiful free Flash mp3 player that is used on many popular websites like Talkcrunch.

It is originally a WordPress plugin but with the increasing popularity, the developer of the player, Martin Laine, has created a standalone version as well.

Tiny Flash Mp3 Player

The WordPress plugin can directly use the WordPress media library which is great. The standalone version can be configured very easily too & they both have various features like:

  • autostart
  • loop
  • animation
  • remaining time
  • volume control & more.

For a demo of the player, you can check TalkCrunch.

P.S. Audio Player is open source & source files can be found here.

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://wpaudioplayer.com/
Demo: http://www.talkcrunch.com/
Download: http://wpaudioplayer.com/download

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