OpenZoom: Open Source Zoomable UIs

OpenZoom is an open source framework for creating zoomable user interfaces.

The framework is similar to Silverlight?s Deep Zoom control (see WRD post), but for Flash.

OpenZoom - Zooming With Flash

The power behind OpenZoom is Flex MultiScaleImage component, which is built on top of the OpenZoom framework.

The name is same wih the Silverlight Deep Zoom?s built-in control & the usage is similar too.

The component has built-in support for keyboard / mouse activities & supports Deep Zoom, Zoomify & OpenZoom images.

For now, OpenZoom can sound to specific, but considering its abilities & usage areas, we?ll probably be hearing more about it soon.

P.S. The framework is so fresh & still in development but it can be downloaded (& it is documented).

Requirements: Adobe Flex

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