Open Source Web Server For iTunes : pulpTunes

For creative people, mostly, music is very important. It can help to get into the mood & concentrate on a project or increase your blood pressure, send more oxygen to the brain & cause you to design/code beautiful stuff :).

pulpTunes is a free web server for iTunes which enables you to access your music collection from anywhere with a slick, Ajaxed web interface.

Music files are categorized just like iTunes, songs can be downloaded with a right-click & direct links to songs or playlists can be generated for sharing them easily with others.


pulpTunes is integrated with iTunes DJ, supports MP3 + AAC (M4A) files & can display cover arts.

For slower connections, buffer level can be easily adjusted & it works on Mac, Windows or Linux.

P.S. Although this resource is not directly design or development oriented, it is something that can be very handy for freelancers who may need to work from different locations time-by-time & for creative offices (where you can listen to music :)) to keep all music files in one place & reach easily.

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: Windows, Mac & Linux

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