Open Source And Free URL Shortener Scripts for your own Website.

URL shortening services, with the popularity of Twitter, has a very wide usage, probably more than anyone had expected few years ago.

These services not only makes URLs shorter but more readable & trackable. Also, some offer features like password-protecting, custom URLs & more.

Although there are very succesful services like TinyURL or, you may still want to have your own as these services can be shut down one day like (a huge service that is closed yesterday). Or, you may be asking for more/custom features.

Here are 7 open source & free URL shortener scripts to create your own:


Shorty - Short URL Script

Shorty is a free URL shortener script built with PHP & MySQL. It comes with an admin interface where links can be edited/deleted & number of clicks can be viewed.


Wordpress Short URL Script

It is a set of PHP scripts for running a custom URL shortening service.

It can be private or public, custom keyword URLs can be picked, counts clicks & has an API. Best of all, a WordPress plugin integrates it with your blog & links are shortened automatically.! URL Shortener Script

This short URL script has support to shorten various inputs:

  • URL
  • e-mail
  • text
  • image

It is built with PHP/MySQL & has an API for shortening/expanding URLs.


PHP URL Shortener Script

PHPurl is a simple script to shorten URLs. Optionally, custom URLs can be defined for more readable links. The script is created with PHP & MySQL.


Basic URL Shortener Script

This is a basic URL shortening script where a custom info is required to generate the URL.


TightURL Short URL Script

TightURL is a PHP/MySQL script which has a nice spam control feature. It checks entries in various spam databases before shortening them.


phurl - Free Short URL Script

The script has a captcha & re-captcha support to prevent bots. It also comes with a basic admin interface which enables deleting URLs.

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