jQuery Plugins To Create A User Friendly Tooltip for your web applications.

This tooltip plugin can contains any HTML element such as links, table, forms, and images. Implementing this plugin is very easy. The default effects are sliceup and toogle. However, you can easily build your own effects.


This tool is a mature project and is actively maintained. The source code is clean, professional and easy to follow. It passes Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript Verifier and it it doesn’t assign any global variables. Active forums keep this tool alive and you can expect to see new releases coming out in the future.

The available tooltip functionality and configuration variables are minimal because tooltip functionality is inherently simple. If you want to do complex things, you can do them with “normal” jQuery programming. You often see bloated tooltip solutions because they contain functionality that should not be there. For example, if for some weird reason you want to use AJAX requests with tooltips, you can do them with jQuery. AJAX functionality should not be mixed in with the tooltip code.

Download Link: http://flowplayer.org/tools/img/tooltip/tooltip.zip

Demo Link: http://flowplayer.org/tools/tooltip.html

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