Jquery based Attractive Multiple Select Inputs, free for your web applications.

jQuery UI Multiselect is a widget that converts html multiple select inputs into slicker interfaces.

It makes searching within the options possible which is very functional for large lists & selected items can be re-ordered by drag’n drops.

It can display the number of selected items & for an easier selection, there are select all/deselect all links provided.

The widget is unobtrusive & and be styled with ThemeRoller.



  • Search within available options, if there are a lots of them
  • Displaying counts of selected and available items
  • Select All / Deselect All Buttons
  • Dragging items from the available list to the selected list directly

Online Demo: http://www.quasipartikel.at/multiselect/

Requirements: jQuery 1.3+, jQuery UI 1.7+
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://www.quasipartikel.at/multiselect/

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