Free small Chat Systems For Instant Communication.

This is where the small chat systems become handy. Whether you will be talking with a client, a teammate or a friend, just a standards compliant browser & an internet connection will be enough.

Here are few easy to use & free disposable chat systems (text or video) for an instant communication:

Disposible Chat

Again a simple application where any number of users can connect. Optionally, you can password-protect your page to make sure the chat is private.


Besides standard chat rooms, you can signup & create private rooms which are password protected and the communication is encyrpted.


TinyChat is probably the most popular disposable chat application.

It has support for both video & text where both works very nice.

There is also an API to automatically create rooms which is great for integrating it with 3rd party products.


The application offers a quick group chat with a unique feature: it can translate the content from 45 different languages instantly which makes the communication of x number of users not speaking each other’s language possible.


BoostCam creates a two-way video conferencing room with just a click without the need of installing any plugins.


An instant video chat system for 2 users. Just enable the application to reach your camera + microphone and no more settings.


A simple disposable chat system which work perfectly with no problems. Just click the “create chat” button & that’s all.

It does not offer password-protected pages.

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