Free Live Chat Software for Customer Support and Sales, OggChat

OggChat is a customer live chat solution for website support and sales that integrates with Google Talk.  It is unique among live chat services as it incorporates features such as customizable chat windows, skills based routing, queuing, and operator scheduling, but routes all chats directly to each operator’s Google Talk account.  This means operators don’t need any special software or training, they just login to their Google Talk client, GMail or IGoogle to start accepting and responding to customer chat requests.


You can chat with your customers from anywhere anytime.  All you need is a web browser and a GMail or Google Talk account. You can even respond from your mobile phone or any device that support Google Talk.  The OggChat hosted service handles everything else.

Since each chat is routed to GMail, all operator conversations are archived and easily searchable using the GMail interface.

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