Free Flash 360 View Image Rotator, Download Free

360 degree rotation viewer, with support for play/pause, dragging and scrubbing. The swf is easily replaceable, by updating the path in the XML or in the flashvars.

It can be used for 3D objects (like the macbook), panoramas, products detail view, fashion websites, and much more.

In order to replace the displayed swf file, you need to pass a new one. Remember: you need to have no code on your frames. The swf needs to contain only frames, in which your images are displayed one by one, exactly like in the provided fla file.

We will add a more detailed help description as soon as we start receiving questions from you, so please post your questions in the comments tab.

360 Features:

1. Drag the scroll scrub.

2. Click the scroll bar.

3. Click the product and drag left/right (changes direction).

4. Select the play/pause button, and it auto plays.

5. Click on the hand cursor, and move the scrub around.

6. Click on the scrub bar, and then drag it.


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