Collection of Free Useful Joomla! Extensions – May 2009


A rotating image display module or slideshow / image carousel. ImageSlideShow also has the ability to have multiple copies of the slideshow on one page, a choice of sorting options and ability to link slideshow to another URL. In addition ISS can create resized copies of the images to use in the slideshow. A Module Class Suffix can be specified. ISS does not require flash or any other component, plugin or module, it will work straight away with any standard Joomla! 1.5.x install.

Daily Banner

Daily Banner module helps us to shown our special banner or image on Joomla site on what day it is. The Banners or Images could be as Ads Banner, Event Images, Affiliate Banner, Special Images, and etc. More simple, stable and effective.There are seven days in one week, and in this module you only fill in your banner or image for the day that you want, able to enter your link for every image too.

AJAX Header Rotator

The “AJAX Header Rotator” module offers a smart and eye-candy image rotating mechanism (or slideshow in plain English) for the masses! It is an alternative to Flash image rotation scripts, which are sometimes difficult to implement. The module borrows the nice effects from such scripts, but uses javascript (the JQuery library in particular) to auto-“magically” rotate images from any given folder


Flexheader3 is a module that displays an image, DIV or Flash within a module position. It can display a different image for every menu entry, content and component. It also supports joomfish and virtue mart.

World Time Clock

Based on’s analog clock, this module can display the time in any city. is the world leader in providing local times around around the world with accurate adjustments for local daylight saving rules. Highly customizable and versatile

Dynamic Flash Calendar V1 Module

Simple flash based Dynamic Calendar that shows current date, time and day of the week with “fade effect”.

Chrono Calendar

Displays current user time, can be resized, nice for all web site. Professional and Free to use.

Ulti Counter

Module which counts down until an event or up from a certain event. It takes the current time from the server and counts down until a user defined event. If the event is in the past, it will count up or stay on 0, depending on a back-end parameter. The module contains language support. Currently English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italien, Spanish, Polish, Interlingua and Swedish are included.

Countdown Timer Module

Countdown Timer module counts down using the time and date in php, which obviously varies depending on the visitor, and is great for counting down to “relative” events such as Christmas, your friend’s birthday etc.

DBirthdays module ModuleLanguage

Module DBirthdays (mod_dbirthdays) shows nearest birthdays (future or past) of your site users. You can set number of days before and after birthday to show. With default settings module works with Community Builder, but it can be easy configured to another components.

Holiday Calendar Module

Holiday Calendar is a small script for web pages which displays current Day of the week, Month, Date and Year along with Holidays notification. About 70 holidays from all over the world are displayed by Calendar.

Event Table Edit

With this component you can create a table in the frontend and administrate it completely from this. The component is multi language in front- and backend.

Mini FrontPage Popular Module

MiniFrontPage module, like the Latest Buzz or Blog tabs on the demo site, provides you with a lightweight but powerfull news headline style of your most recent content items. It’s just not only to show case your latest news item, but you can show any latest or most read articles from preferred section(s) or category(s) that can be set up from the module parameters. There’s also options to set it using one, two or three headline articles column format plus one column for another stories link. Or you can also have your headline story formatted vertically with one column for one headline article like the right module’s Business Week

Amplify Fading News Ticker

A simple free horizontal fading news ticker module designed to fade article titles nicely from one to the next. The Amplify News Ticker Module features include: Mootools Driven, Adjustable Pretext, Adjustable Pretext Box Length, Adjustable Article Title Box Length, Choose Number of items to show, Choose which Section to pull items in from, Choose which Category to pull items in from, Adjustable default message when no items are available, Module Suffix Box for custom module styling, Module CSS sheet


FlexScroller has been created to show the items displayed in a FlexContent category in a unique dynamic marquee fashion with the use of Javascript. Since FlexContent is a module that allows for flexible display of text and an image from any content item, we have decided to allow for items (such as company listings or adverts) to be displayed in this horizontal marquee in a randomized order or not.

Other articles in this category

When an individual Joomla article is displayed, this module displays the titles and links to other articles in the same category.

Random Articles

Shows random articles or content from your site. Great for helping visitors find those less read articles. Simple yet Powerful.

Expose Flash Gallery

Exposé is a Flash-based tool which allows you to create eye-catching slide shows of your pictures on the web.

Plugin Googlemaps

Plugin (Mambot) for displaying one or more Google Maps within content-items, modules or components of Joomla 1.0.x or 1.5.x.


A Flash puzzle game for the Joomla! content management system. This would be suitable for a site aimed at children. The component displays images in a selected folder as a jigsaw puzzle. Additional user-created images can easily be added, and a different folder can be specified – it is possible to display multiple versions of the component using different images, with differing difficulty levels.

Ulti Sudoku

This module shows a daily free online sudoku puzzle on your site. The sudoku is provided by Note that this module is for joomla 1.5 and not backwards compatible.

Mad4Joomla Mailforms

Mad4Joomla is a very easy-to-use Joomla component for the creation of email forms. Preferences of this product are a better usability, classification in categories, working with templates, helptext to formfields, file upload as attachment, special routing technics to destination email addresses, integration of content in form pages and a very special new captcha technique. Thereby it is possible to build complex and huge contactsystems. Examples: jobs, reservation, contact, donations, polls etc.


Apoll is a component and module for Jommla 1.5, that displays the vote results as an animated pie chart. Basically it is an upgrade of the joomla default poll component.


!JoomlaComment(!JoComment, joscomment or josc) is a beautiful and useful comment extension for the Open-Source CMS Joomla. Fast and easy to install and configure, with AJAX functionality, captcha protection, template based design and multiple language support.


Advanced print_r and var_dump replacer with DHTML tree display. This utility makes life easy for developers and template designers. You use it to see what’s inside a variable, an array or an object. Instead of using print_r() or var_dump(), you can now use dump().

DC Slide Menu

This module enables you to create a Joomla! menu with a nice Javascript sliding (fade in / fade out) effect. This is an adaptation of the Joomla mainmenu module and is based on the All Menu scripts by Dynamic Drive.

Skype Manager

The Skype Manager is an all-in-one package with which you can effectively manage your Skype contacts through your website. This package contains the Skype Component, the Skype Live Users Module and the Skype Mambot.

Google Analytics Bridge 2009

Google Analytics Bridge 2009 provides easiest way to add Google Analytics tracking on your Joomla 1.5 driven website. Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. Focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors.


Joomap is a sitemap component for Joomla that shows the normal Menu Structure, Content Categories, Sections and Virtuemart Categories in a hierarchical tree or a Google Sitemaps list. A plugin system and translation support make it easy to expand the range of supported content and localization


SectionEx (com_sectionex) will list all articles within a section, grouped by categories. It combines and extends Joomla!’s build in “Section Layout” and “Category List Layout”. SectionEx is written for Joomla! 1.5 using its model-view-controller architecture.

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