Collection of Best Most Interesting Silverlight Tutorials

AutoCompleteBox control: The missing guide

In this article Jeff Wilcox provides a comprehensive guide about using the AutoCompleteBox control in Silverlight.

RIA Applications For Python and Ruby Developers – Made Possible With Silverlight 2

Cal Schrotenboer posts an article about developing Silverlught 2 application with Ruby and Python. He also tells about several demo applications in this article.

Silverlight Charting

Scott Hansellmann posts an article about creating charts in Silverlight Technology.

Reading and Displaying RSS Feed in a Silverlight DataGrid

The RSS feeds is common attribute of modern web sites. Suprotim Agarwal shows how to read and display RSS feed in Silverlight DataGrid.

Step by Step Creating a Vista Busy Cursor Like Silverlight Control

From this article you can learn how to create a Vista like busy cursor Silverlight control step by step.

Drag and drop Silverlight example

This article contains a quick and simple example of how to create a draggable object in Silverlight 2.

Shine Draws compares video players with the same functionality but built with two various technology – Silverlight and Flash.

Silverlight and the Netflix API

New tutorial from Brandon Cannaday in which he shows how to build Silverlight application which usrs Netflix API.

Grouping in Silverlight 3 DataGrid

Harsh Bardhan shows how to use grouping in Silverlight 3 grid.

Silverlight 2 & PHP Tutorial – Transmitting data using JSON

Interesting tutorial from Michael Kuehl in which he tells about transferring JSON data between Silverlight and PHP.

Expander control for Silverligt 2

This tutorial is ment to shed some light upon how you can create you own Silverlight 2 Expander contol.

Customizing the appearance of Silverlight charts with re-templating and MVVM

David Anson has a great tutorial in which he shows how to customize the appearance of Silverlight charts with re-templating and MVVM.

Simple Custom Login Tutorial using CSharp + Silverlight 2 + WCF + MSSQL

A tutorial in creating a simple login using CSharp, Silverlight, and MSSQL 2008.

Creating a Silverlight Fade In and Out Popup Window

Very often we need to alert users about something in our Silverlight application. Amit Raz posts an article in which he shows how to build Silverlight fade in and out popup window.

Silverlight 2: Silverlight Slide Show 2 Preview – Flickr User Photos Provider

Complete tutorial on how to develop a custom image provider for Silverlight Slideshow. The tutorial has screenshots, source code snippets, and includes the complete download of the customized slideshow.

TextBlock in Silverlight

A TextBlock control in .NET 3.5 provides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of flow contents. This tutorial demonstrates how to create and use a TextBlock control in Silverlight using XAML and C#

Recreating Frogger in Silverlight

A tutorial on how to recreate a classic arcade game in Silverlight.

Creating a Silverlight Control Displays Picture in an Interactive Carousel

This article describes how to create and use the Silverlight Carousel control.

DrawingBrush for Silverlight 2.0

This article is about how to build the missing DrawingBrush object for Silverlight.

Silverlight Tetris

Learn how to build a tetris game using Silverlight 2.

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