Collection of Best Free Open Source Ecommerce Solutions for your business

Today i list Most Famous and hot Free of cost Shopping cart solutions. With the shape of the economy and ever changing gas prices, online shopping may end up growing even faster than some have predicted. If your business hasn’t added an online shopping cart yet, why not?  The technology has been around for years now, and there are solutions for just about every skill level: you can do it yourself, outsource the work, pay companies for hosting

Magento Launched in 2008, Magento is one the newest open source shopping carts on the market.


VirtueMart A shopping cart built specifically for integration with the Joomla and Mambo content management system.


OpenCart An open source PHP shopping cart.  It’s been a while since it has been updated, but everything appears to still be up and running.


PrestaShop An extremely new open source shopping cart that already seems fairly full-featured, and promises more to come with an area for expansion modules to be opened in the near future.


osCommerceOne of the best known shopping carts out there, this open source cart enjoys a large community of plugin creators.  It has been quite a while since their last major release, v2.2 RC 2a, but they are in active development of version 3.0, which promises some major administration upgrades.


CubeCart CubeCart offers version 3 of their software for free, but charges for version 4 after a free 30 day trial.  Offers bulk upload, inventory management, shipping modules and everything else you would expect from a fully operational online store.


Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software A fairly new free shopping cart that puts a heavy emphasis on not having to know how to code, run databases or anything else.


IdeaCart A free cart still in its Alpha phase, features fraud detection, newsletter support and more.


JadaSite JadaSite is a bit unusual in that it’s Java based, as well as fully integrated with a content management system.


Quick.Cart.Lite Quick.Cart.Lite is the free version of the Quick.Cart software and will allow you to build a simple online store.  Offers two more robust levels of the same program with more features.


Satchmo Built on the Django framework, Satchmo offers highly customizable shop building with as long list of built in features such as Google Analytics incorporation, PDF invoice generation and more.


UbercartUbercart is a full-featured shopping cart that also integrates with a Drupal site so that you can build a community around your store or featured products.


Zen Cart Zen Cart is an off branch of osCommerce that comes with several of the most popular modules built into it.


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