Clixpy: Web Service To Capture User Activities

As designers & developers, we try to make a website easier-to-use for end-users. This can be building a less-complicated system, using different sizes & colors according to the priority of the content, etc.

But, whatever we do, we need to findout if these work or not. Because sometimes, users do the unexpected & surprise you with “how the easy-to-use website you created” is not easy for them.


Clixpy, a very easy to install & use web usability testing tool, is a great helper for finding out how users browse a website. It does this by recording the activities of:

  • mouse movements
  • clicks
  • scrollings
  • form inputs

A statistics application can give you the browsing route of a visitor. But, it does not provide what happens at that route & why readers choose that route, which actually are the vital questions. And this is what Clixpy offers.

How to install & use it?

A JavaScript code inserted into a website?s footer is automatically detected by Clixpy & tracking/recording starts (will be great if it becomes possible to limit the websites that can use the code to prevent unexpected usages).

From the admin interface of the application, you can filter the sessions recorded by domain, date or the status (new captures, atched ones, etc.).

Before viewing a session, you can have a strong idea about the details of it as Clixpy displays the number of pageviews, which pages are viewed, duration & user + browser details captured. It also enables you to save & take notes on any capture to analyze them later.

Clixpy Session Player

By clicking on any captured session, Clixpy presents you the same experience the reader has on the website.

Also, you can define a limit on the capturing process like “capture first 20 sessions” or “stop the whole capture feature anytime”.

What to expect as a result?

After installing Clixpy & capturing the sessions of your visitors, it is time to analyze the results. Simply:

  • watch the sessions
  • see which features your visitors find difficult & easy to use
  • take notes
  • & take action, fix the parts that you can offer a better user experience. And, for a double check, re-capture those webpages with Clixpy to see if the updates really work.

Requirements: No Requirements

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