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6 Flash Mp3 Player

I collect best 6 tutorials about flash mp3 player. You can learn how to create attractive mp3 player for your website. This mp3 player includes playlist, Xml driven, AS3… Some tutorials teaches you build a flash mp3 player spectrum analyzer

8-9-2009 2-26-11 PM

Create a Simple and Attractive MP3 Player

Build simple mp3 player and learn how to use Timer and sound class.

See for yourself..


8-9-2009 2-34-44 PM

Create a AS3 / Flash 9 MP3 Player with spectrum display

This tutorial focus on the spectrum analyzer and build  a Flash mp3 player with spectrum analyzer written in AS3

See for yourself..


8-9-2009 2-47-17 PM

Create a AS3 MP3 Player with papervision3d spectrum display.

This tutorial about how to create a 3d spectrum display from sound file with papervision3d and flash.

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8-9-2009 3-00-28 PM

Create a Jazzy XML Driven MP3 Player

This tutorial will teach you how to create your own ActionScript 3.0 MP3 Player with sound spectrum, album art, color changer and song information display.

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8-9-2009 3-05-58 PM

Source Code: Spectrum Ring Music Visualizer

You can download source code for Spectrum Ring Music Visualizer.



Create a Full Streaming Flash MP3 player using XML

Some feature:

Scrolling Text, FadeIn at songstart, Volume Display, ID3 Support, TotalTime Display, Loader Bar / Progress Bar, Playlist Display.

See for yourself..

8-9-2009 3-14-41 PM

Flash MX MP3 player

using ActionScript 2.0 syntax and version 2 components

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