Amazing collection of Free PHP Frameworks and CMS


MODx helps you take control of your online content. An Open Source PHP application framework, it frees you to build sites exactly how you want and make them 100% yours. Zero restrictions and fast to build. Super-simple templates in regular HTML/CSS/JS (any lib you want).

Documentation: Documentation is clear and compact.

Community: Large community with forums, wiki and Jobboard.

License: GPL

Last releases:


Project example: Youth Fitness Magazine


Textpattern is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system. It is both free and open source.

Documentation: Good.

Community: TextPattern comunity includes support forum and developers blog.

License: GPL.

Last releases: 4.0.8

Size: 317kB

Project example: helpshAck web design


b2evolution is a powerful blog tool you can install on your own website. It includes all the features of traditional blog tools, and extends them with evolved features such as file & photo management, advanced skinning, multiple blogs support as well as detailed user permissions.

Documentation: This CMS has large comprehensive documentation.

Community: Community has several forums on various languages.

License: GPL.

Last releases: 2.4.7

Size: 3.5mB

Project example:

Yii PHP Framework

Yii — a high-performance component-based PHP framework best for developing large-scale Web applications. Yii comes with a full stack of features, including MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, jQuery-based AJAX support, authentication and role-based access control, scaffolding, input validation, widgets, events, theming, Web services, and so on. Written in strict OOP, Yii is easy to use and is extremely flexible and extensible.

Documentation: Good documentation with several screencasts.

Client-side integration: jQuery.

Community: One rather active forum.

License: BSD License.

Last releases: 1.0.5

Size: 1.8mB.

Project example:


TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules.

Documentation: Good. It includes also several video tutorials.

Community: Large

License: GPL3.

Last releases: 4.2.

Size: 20kB.

Project example: Inter-Photo

Frog CMS

Frog CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions, as well as the tools necessary for file management. Born as phpRadiant in January 2007, Frog CMS is a PHP version of Radiant CMS, a well known Ruby on Rails application. Although the two applications still share a family resemblance, Frog is charting its own development path.

Documentation: Good.

Community: Community includes forrum and IRC channel, Also community produce a number of plugins and themes for this CMS.

License: GPL3.

Last releases: 0.9.5

Size: 546kB

Project example: Bedrich Rios Blog


Documentation:Medium. It include several articles from, which you can learn how to build sites with PHP-Fusion.

Client-side integration:

Community: Community includes single but rather active fiorum and IRC channel.

License: GPL2.

Last releases: 7.00.5

Size: 2.05mB

Project example: Bad Poetry Blues Band


TangoCMS is a free and Open Source (GNU/GPL 2.1) PHP Content Management System (CMS). Its ease of use and powerful feature set allows you to quickly and easily create and manage an entire website

Documentation: Medium. As said on the site it is still incomplete.

Community: Includes forum and IRC channel.

License: GPL 2.

Last releases: 2.2

Size: 1.2mB

Project example: Eggraphy


Elgg: a powerful, professional social engine.Elgg empowers individuals, groups and institutions to create their own fully-featured social environment.

Documentation: Rather good documentation coverin all aspects of framework.

Community: Community includes several groups.

License: GPLv2

Last releases: 1.5

Size: 1.8 mB

Project example: BudoKin


Sitellite is a mature and powerful open source web content management system (CMS) written in the PHP programming language and powered by the Apache web server and MySQL database.

Documentation: Large comprehensive documentation.

Community: Community includes forum and wiki.

License: GPLv2

Last releases: 5.0.1

Size: 8.5 mB

Project example:


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