Amazing Collection of Best Flash Components, for web and applications,

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Flow List

Flow List Component loads external images and creates a 3D flow animation. Flexible API makes it easy to integrate this component into your web application. At only 40K (raw) Flow List is the perfect tool for displaying dynamic image sets.

360 View Image Rotator

360 degree rotation viewer, with support for play/pause, dragging and scrubbing. The swf is easily replaceable, by updating the path in the XML or in the flashvars. It can be used for 3D objects (like the macbook), panoramas, products detail view, fashion websites, and much more.

Countdown Timer

You can use this countdown timer to show the time left until an event happens. This timer has an XML file where you can control the colors. A sound starts playing when the time is almost finished, and the colors change.


obedit is a Flash-based rich text editor. It will allow a user to edit text much like you would in an office-like application, with simple editing features like bold, italic, justification, block indents, text color, font and size selection, links, bullets, background color, and spell checking.


Map Component displays geographical locations and polylines, allowing for easy map navigation. Component uses Equidistant Cylindrical Map Projection and Longitude and Latitude position data to display location points. Component also allows user to set a custom map and location icon.

Flash Bookmarks

The Flash Bookmarks component was created to give a FREE solution for web page creators/owners to include social bookmarking buttons within their sites and let visitors share the pages on most of the basic social bookmarking sites like Digg,, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Google and Reddit.

Spinning Preloader

Free fully customizable preloader component for Flash CS3, built in ActionScript 3.


ToobPlayer 1.0.0 is a lightweight (approx. 14-18 KB) FLV player component that comes in five flavors, provides a mechanism to play back YouTube videos, and can also display preview images.


The component has resizable slide bar which is based on the height of the scrolled movie clip. All the parameters in the component inspector can be accessed dynamically by code. The component has a set of public methods that give you a full control over the component.


This components is able to simulate various wave drawings and it’s only 2k. This component is provided with a panel of sliders and buttons that lets you try different settings while the Flash is running.

JC Play List

JC Play List is an easy to use ActionScript 3.0 list component created especially for easy visual representation of multimedia lists (.xml and RSS 2.0 feeds from Picasa and Flickr).You can use JC Play List to display any kind of lists including items that contain images, titles, descriptions, index numbers, additional information, custom backgrounds and overlays. JC Play List displays these items both on horizontal and vertical position, with or without controls such as scrollbars, slide buttons, mouse movement input and autoplay features.

Movie Credits

The Movie Credits free component for Flash can be used for displaying movie credits just like those seen at the end of a movie.

The Classic Progress Bar

The free classic Progress Bar / preloader component for Flash monitors the progress of loading content from multiple sources.The source can be any Flash object that loads data (eg: Movie Clip, XML, Sound, Loader).

3D Walker Gallery XML

Create photos, CDs, magazines, products, landscapes navigation with 3D Walker Gallery XML.

3D Scene

The Flashtuning 3D Scene component is an essential tool that can be used to build and/or navigate a 3D interactive scene or interface in Flash.

3D Carousel Text Menu XML

XML driven carousel text menu using advanced camera controls, click&drag, perspective, depth, fading and much more.


Color Tween permits you to change the color of an object using a RGB color value or a ColorTransform objject. It goes from a color value to another color value specified by you.

Blur Tween

A simple blur tween class. You can set the amount of both horizontal and vertical blur, the direction, the quality of the effect, the time, the easing type and easing direction.

Basic MP3 XML Player

This basic MP3 XML player reads the songs from an external XML configuration file and starts as soon as the sound is completely loaded. The download includes the XML configuration file and the FLA file with the ActionScript code for the buttons. You can check to see how the code in this FLA file was implemented and you can easily change the graphics for the audio buttons.

Mastermind FL

This is a Flash Lite 1.0 version of the popular Mastermind board game. For those who don’t know this game: The objective of the game is to guess the password – a sequence of the colors choosed randomly by the computer.


A quick and easy way to add custom right click menus to your Flash movies and movie clips. Available for both ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0.

Flash ToolTip Lite

This component allows you to easily add a descriptive window that appears when the user moves their mouse over Flash buttons and movie clips. All fonts and colors are customizable.


The dynamicTextFeeder component provides a quick and easy way to load data dynamically from an external text file into a textfield or TextArea, without any coding.


Use this free Flash component to control any movie clip in Flash with a slick cool interface, for play, stop, fast forward, rewind and pause.

Free Flash Preloader for images and swfs.

This component implements the loading process for images or swf files.


Tooltip Component is the perfect tool for displaying text and image tool tips in Flash. Enhanced functionality, easy to use interface and scalability makes this component a valuable tool for every flash developer.

Img Loop

IMG Loop Flash Component creates continuous image scroll. Component supports XML, RSS 2.0 as well as direct data input. All of the component properties can be modified to seamlessly integrate with your project.

Flash Full Text Search Component

This is a fully customizable Flash Full Text Search Component, built with support for multiple images and texts. Everything is customizable in the XML files, including the images, the texts, the colors, the sizes and much more.

Flash XML Image Gallery

This is an interactive Flash XML Image Gallery, containing a list of images defined in a XML file, an intuitive navigation and many customizable features. You can browse the gallery by clicking on the left or right hand side of the swf file, or by selecting an element from the navigation bar.

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