Free Easily Converts Flash file into Silverlight File: SilverX

SilverX is a free software which aims to help Silverlight designers/developers for converting existing Flash content to Silverlight.

It supports most of the Flash’s basic features like: vector primitives, images, texts & animations.


SilverX can be used for other scenarios as many applications has “export to SWF features” which means they can be converted to Silverlight now (ex: exporting CorelDraw vector graphics to SWF file and then convert it to Silverlight XAML).

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Collection of Best Most Interesting Silverlight Tutorials

AutoCompleteBox control: The missing guide

In this article Jeff Wilcox provides a comprehensive guide about using the AutoCompleteBox control in Silverlight.

RIA Applications For Python and Ruby Developers – Made Possible With Silverlight 2

Cal Schrotenboer posts an article about developing Silverlught 2 application with Ruby and Python. He also tells about several demo applications in this article.

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Collection of Free Silverlight Controls And Tools For Websites

Silverlight, which is used in more websites everyday, has several beautiful free controls, components & tools that will help you develop websites faster & better.

They are not very easy to find as they are hidden inside the blogs of Silverlight developers or .NET products websites & there are still not so many resources where you can read about Silverlight.

WebResourcesDepot have collected these free Silverlight controls, components & tools to help making your websites brighter.

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GOA WinForms

Free Silverlight Controls

Use the standard System.Windows.Form .NET library for both Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. It allows .NET developers to write standard WinForms applications that will run on these two RIA platforms.

AgDataGrid Suite – Free Silverlight Grid Control

Free Silverlight Grid Control

This free grid control has data grouping, data sorting, row editing, multi-row selection features & many more.

It is a feature-rich & very professional grid solution.

Visifire – Silverlight Charts

Silverlight Charts

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