Free SEO Toolkit From Microsoft, for improving a website’s relevance in search results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit is a free tool from Microsoft for improving a website’s relevance in search results.

It simply analyzes a website & recommends how to make your new or existing site content/structure more search engine-friendly.


Some features of SEO Toolkit:

  • full-featured crawler engine
  • query builder interface that allows you to build custom reports
  • display of detailed information for each UR
  • ability to manage robots.txt file
  • ability to manage sitemap.xml file

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Web Based Free Web Stats With SEO Features: GoingUp!

GoingUp! is a free web-based website statistics service with powerful SEO features.

The service has a slick Ajaxed interface & offers a complete analytics package with web stats, referring keywords, action/goals & more.

GoingUp Analytics

GoingUp! tracks every activity & presents data nicely with charts, heatmaps, flags (for countries), etc.

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Better Ways for rapid promotion of Your Blog Posts.

Increasing our traffic is one of the most important thing in the blogosphere along with advertising. In order to gain more traffic or to get ads on your blog, you need to promote your blog posts more effectively. This posts wants to give you a hint on how to do that. Here are 7 ways to better promote your blog posts:

1. Write Quality Posts

blogpost The first rule is this: In order to promote it, your post should be valuable for a certain target. So, the first thing is to make sure that you have a potential target and that some users will benefit from the post. This is a crucial thing, because the users that are happy with your content, will help you spread it across the web. You can’t promote posts that are useless and unattractive.

2. Use Catchy Title Posts

fontThe title post is the first point of interaction between the reader and the blog post. So, in order to make the user read your article, your blog posts should: describe the content, use of common words, have an appropriate length. For advanced tips please read the following article: The Importance of Blog Posts Titles

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Best Collection of Social Service and Bookmarking Icon Sets for Bloggers

There are many elements of blogging that are essential, the most important is the ability to share your posts and information with a wider audience, and we accomplish this via the many social bookmarking services (digg, delicious, twitter…) that are available. Finding a bookmarking iconset that fits into your theme can be difficult or maybe you don’t want the boring or the bland, but you want an iconset that has been designed by a high quality designer and has something distinctive and original. Below you will find such iconsets.

Social Post Stamps

Social Bookmarking Icons

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Useful Firefox SEO tools and extensions for bloggers & Web Designers

Today, we are going to look into 15+ Useful Firefox SEO tools and extensions for bloggers. Web designers who run blog may also need these tools.

1. SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox is definitely the most powerful Firefox SEO plugin. This plugin pulls useful marketing data points and integrate into your search results. For example, it pulls the PR, delicious save counts, Technorati links, Alexa rank, WhoIs information and etc. You can selectively turn it on and off by using the icon at Firefox status bar.
SEO for Firefox

2. SeoQuake

SeoQuake is a program that integrated in Firefox so that users can view a large number of search engine parameters on the fly. It consists of SeoToolbar, Seobar, and output of requested parameters on Search Engine Result Pages.

3. SEO Link Analysis

SEO Link Analysis enriches the link data in Google Webmaster Tools & Yahoo! Site Explorer by showing the PageRank of the linking page, the anchor text and whether the link is followed, nofollowed or no longer exists.
SEO Link Analysis

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Learn How to Create fancy share box with CSS and jQuery

This tutorial will show you how to turn unordered list (UL) into an fancy social bookmarking sharing box. You will see how to style such box, how to add interactivity, and how to create jQuery plugin that will turn any UL into sharing box.

The idea is to have all of the buttons shown inline and partially hidden. When user hovers over a button it slides to the right and become visible. Continue reading