Very easy to create elastic, fixed and liquid layouts with any column variations: Elastic, A simple CSS framework

Elastic is a simple CSS framework which eases creating elastic, fixed and liquid layouts with any column variations.

Using Elastic is like having a conversation with the code as it uses a declarative language.

Elastic CSS Framework

It supports “combining classes” which helps creating almost any type of layout. And, it comes with a set of helper classes, to accomplish hard things by pure CSS like: same-height, full-width, and vertical-center.

Another nice feature is: both absolute & relative positioning can be used as no overlfow:hidden & clearfix are used.

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Best Navigation Options, Help Users to Navigate Through Your Website Effectively

A website can offer readers at least 12 different navigation options. Not all of them are applicable to every website.

However, a quality website should always offer a range of navigation options.

12 Navigation Options

1. Classification Path Navigation a.k.a Breadcrumbs

Griffith University

Griffith University Breadcrumbs Navigation

Classification path navigation is generally found near the top of the Web page, often underneath the masthead. This navigation shows the various parts of the particular classification tree in which a particular document or section of the website is located.

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Best CSS Tips, How to Creating rounded corners box,

One of my favorite sites is definetely DeviantArt. Is a great source of inspiration when you are a bit lost, and it also has a great amount of brush resources and free stock photography. So check it out :)

I was browsing the site yesterday and I wanted to know how they were doing their rounded corners. So I grabbed my little friend Firebug (if you don’t have it, go and get it. It’s definitely a must) and I inspected them. I found what they were doing very interesting and I wanted to share it with you.

Inverted corners


Because we always understand it better with a demo:

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Frequently used web design objects that comes in PSD format, Web Elements Kit

Web Elements Kit is a set of 17 frequently used web design objects that comes in PSD format.

It can be used for easier prototyping or updated easily to create completely unique outputs.

PSD Web Design Elements

There are 17 elements like:

  • tabbed content
  • sliders
  • newsletter form
  • buttons
  • & more

which are well organized, labeled & comes with various color variations to choose from.

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Best Resources collection, Starter Kits For Web Designers

In today’s article, we attempt to show you some of the best design starter kit we’ve come to know. You can download (for free) and use them right away, or customize your own copy that will come in handy in future, your choice. Full list after jump.

GUI, Form Elements and Web Components

From form elements like checkboxes, input fields, textareas to web design components like buttons, arrows, icons, badges and more.

Yahoo’s Design Stencil Kit
Probably one of the most complete kit for designers. GUI elements include calendars, grids, menus, mobile (general and iphone), navigation and pagination, tabs, UI controls and more! Comes in several format: OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), PDF, PNG and SVG.

yahoo stencil kit

Web Form Elements
With all these tabs, buttons, dropdowns in one single PSD file, it’s sure going to give you a kick start in interface design. Courtesy of sniperyu.

web form elements 01

web form elements 02

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Collection of Stylish Examples of Headers in Web Design

A website’s header is one of the first things a user sees when opening your website so it’s important to get it right; if a user doesn’t like your header design, they may just leave your website before even looking at what content you have to offer.

There are many different types of headers, and in this collection, we’ll show you 25 beautiful header designs from various types of websites in the hopes of inspiring your creativity.

1. 61 Pixels


2. Abduzeebo


3. Ali Felski


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