Open Source CMS Application, XML-Based Image Gallery With GalleryCMS

GalleryCMS is an open source CMS application that is specially built for managing image galleries.

The application does not offer a front-end to the galleries. It enables you to create galleries, add images with ease & generates a XML file which can be used for creating the gallery.


The format of the XML file created can be customized which makes GalleryCMS ideal for using with the Flash & JavaScript galleries around that has no backends.

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WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design Icons, Totally Free

The WooFunction Icon Set includes 178 amazing web-related icons in a sophisticated and glossy design style. All 178 icons are available as 32×32 pixel PNG files and we can assure you that they are indeed pixel-perfect. If you have an in-depth look at the individual icons, you’ll notice that Liam has spent a lot of time paying attention to the finer details, which means that this is a really classy icon set. Here; have a look for yourself:

Icons are available in 32*32px (some are 16*16px) & in transparent PNG format.


The set is very suitable to be used in web applications as it has all the vital icons like actions, arrows, documents, users & more. Continue reading

Open Source Free Simple & Powerful PHP Image Gallery: Plogger

Plogger is an open source image gallery application, built with PHP-MySQL, that offers a simple usage with powerful features.

The application comes with an attractive admin interface for managing the galleries & can be integrated into any website by adding three lines of PHP code.


Using Plogger, it is possible to create unlimited albums that can include unlimited images. And, uploading the images is a breeze as they can be sent one at a time or as a .zip file in bulk.

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Huge Collection of High Quality Vector Graphics, best resources for designers.

Modern designers use silhouette to create dramatic effect in many art works because silhouette emphasizes the outline and view of an object. The mystery of silhouette objects create a space for viewers’ imagination. Apple’s iPod advertisement is a successful example of using silhouette.

This week, we’ve managed to compiled 85 free high quality silhouette sets to speed up your designing job. Full list after jump.


Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 01 (12 shapes)


Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 02 (12 shapes)

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Best Collection of Incredible Digital Sunrise Wallpapers Viewed from Space

Viewing the sunrise from Earth is a beautiful site,but viewing the sunrise from space is an almost moving experience. With the Sun approximately 150 million kilometers away, and with its light taking about eight and half minutes to reach us, it all adds up to a beautiful site.
This is a guest article from Lilian Ostropel.

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

Artist: Burning-Liquid

Terra Nova

Terra Nova

Artist: Burning-Liquid

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