Free online diagram software – Flowchart, process diagram, Network diagram, BPMN diagrams, Sitemap, Wireframe with Lovely Charts

With Lovely Charts’ extremely simple and intuitive drag’n drop drawing mechanism, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters. You won’t have to draw boxes or arrows, and you won’t have to worry about what symbol to use.

Lovely Charts’s biggest strength lies in its innovative workflow and in its ability to generate lovely diagrams in minutes, with no effort.

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  • Online application
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Free Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage – Highcharts

If you have a non-commercial website and you need to add charting capabilities in your website, Highcharts may suit your needs.  Highcharts is a free charting control developed purely with Javascript so that you can show interactive charts on your website.  Since its purely developed with Javascript, you don’t need any special server side technologies like ASP.NET or PHP and no client-side plug-ins are required like Flash or Silverlight.

Highcharts is dynamic in nature. With the support of jQuery and Ajax API, you can dynamically set axes and points of charts at runtime, hence making Highcharts an excellent choice for demonstrating real-time data like Stocks and Forex.

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Easy CreatE Bar Charts With MooTools And jQuery

Ivan Lazarevic is sharing 2 different plugins for creating bar charts with jQuery & MooTools:

Both plugins can create simple or stacked bar charts & data to be displayed is loaded with an array.

jqBarGraph has support for animated loading of the charts however mooBarGraph offers more features like:

  • url bars
  • info boxes (interactive charts)
  • negative values
  • AJAX data loading

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jQuery plugin, Converts tables to charts & graphs using the HTML 5

Visualize is a jQuery plugin which converts tables to charts & graphs using the HTML 5 canvas tag.

The usage of tables is very important the data is already formatted in a way that is accessible to users browsing the web with a screen reader or other assistive technology.

jQuery Visualize Plugin

The plugin offers a very easy usage as calling a function like: $('table').visualize(); is enough for creating a line, pie, bar or an area chart from a table.

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Free CSS, PHP, flash and AJAX charts

As much as I hate filling a form I love seing a chart. I don’t know why. It can show a lot of things. We use charts to see our progress, to see our income, loses, gains, this versus that, he versus me, us and them etc. It’s like when we were little kids and asked our dad who’s stronger…the lion or the tiger. We feel like there’s the answer…in that chart right in front of us. Facts besides words, numbers over presumptions…visual results. If you know how to play with parameters, it’s your map of the future. There’s the road…look at last year how wrong you did :). It’s funny I know…imagination is the limit. We searched and researched and found some nice examples with various charts. In PHP, CSS, AJAX or Flash here’s our list. Have fun!


“Having a working knowledge of XHTML and CSS when developing applications is a big help in knowing what can be done client-side and what should be generated server-side.” – Vertical, horizontal, simple or complex CSS bar graphs.