Inforama, A java based Powerful Document Automation System For Enterprises

Inforama is a Java based Document Automation system which allows document templates to be created quickly and easily using OpenOffice. Templates are populated with data from parameters, databases and other data sources before being generated into PDFs for printing and emailing.

They have recently releaseVersion 1.4 that includes some significant enhancements and bug fixes including the following…

– Merge OpenOffice documents on the server and export to multiple formats including .pdf and .doc
– New CSV datasource similar to the spreadsheet datasource
– More advanced user rights management using Spring
– Improved Ajax browser interface using the Spring DWR library Continue reading

Best Tools to Improve Your Site’s Usability on a Low Budget

Our visitors, however, don’t have this advantage. This means that testing for usability is the only reliable way to find out how well a website works.

Usability testing allows you to discover many ways in which your site can be improved.

How much testing should I do?

Usability testing may sound daunting, but in reality, a small investment can yield large gains. Jacob Nielsen, one of the best-known usability gurus, says:

“The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.”

– Jacob Nielsen (Why You Only Need to Test With 5 Users)

Number of users vs Usability problems found

That’s right. Just 5 users will provide enough results to help you make effective updates to your website. While you could test with 15 users to find most or all problem areas on your site, testing with just 5 will uncover 85% of issues, which gives you the most value for your money.

Other trouble spots can be identified by testing a subsequent round of users, and with each additional test, the number of issues uncovered will decrease.

It’s important to note that the very first usability test offers the greatest insight. Even a small amount of testing can yield significant results and reveal big issues and problem areas early on.

This means that you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to benefit from usability testing.

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1. Don?t have much money; will tell you they don?t have any money or both

I?ve been a freelance designer for over 10 years and I don?t think I?ve ever encountered a client that said, ?Do whatever you have to do and charge me whatever for the project?.

95% of time I?ve found that the only reason why the client didn?t work with me is that they didn?t have enough money to make the project happen, or they figured they could get it cheaper.

As a designer it?ll be your job to figure out which situation your client is really in: either they actually don?t have any money or they?re just telling you they don?t.

You do this buy qualifying them and their budget on the phone BEFORE you agree to meet with them. Continue reading

Tiny And Chic Flash Mp3 Player: Audio Player

Audio Player is a tiny yet beautiful free Flash mp3 player that is used on many popular websites like Talkcrunch.

It is originally a WordPress plugin but with the increasing popularity, the developer of the player, Martin Laine, has created a standalone version as well.

Tiny Flash Mp3 Player

The WordPress plugin can directly use the WordPress media library which is great. The standalone version can be configured very easily too & they both have various features like:

  • autostart
  • loop
  • animation
  • remaining time
  • volume control & more.

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Do you want to enter the blogosphere like a quiet librarian enters a classroom, or do you want to rock the stage? I am definitely one to rock stuff out and in this article I will share a few tips to help you make an attention grabbing launch.

If you want to give your blog an exciting launch, your blog needs to be valuable to your target audience, otherwise your hard work will be in vain.

Ask yourself this simple question ?Does my blog provide something that a thousand other blogs don?t?? If you don?t have something special to offer, no one will care when you launch or how you launch.

There will always be a certain category of blogs that will not qualify for a special launch and it is up to you to determine if your blog fits that category. Now let?s look at 10 ways that you can launch your new blog with a ?bang?.

1. Prepare amazing content in advance

Do you want a guaranteed way to launch with a bang? Prepare amazing content before you launch. I am not talking about a quick general post, I want you to take the time of your life to create the most astounding post you have ever come across.

Get some early feedback on the first article and if you don?t get a positive enthusiastic reply, store your article for later and work on something that would give your audience the ?wow? factor.

If your message is not worth spreading then millions in advertising will also fail you. The most true and tried method of creating hype surrounding your blog is by creating some really good content and letting the users do the talking.

If you can successfully amaze ten people and get them excited about your blog, you can expect them to share your blog with a 100 more people and this process would go on until the hype expires.

The idea is to convince your first visitors that they have come across a truly great new blog and they absolutely have to share it. No one will share a blog that has poor content or no content at all. If you want a real head start, you will need some truly refreshing content that urges your readers to share it. Continue reading