Best Drupal Modules You May Not Know Earlier.

One of the great things about Drupal is its huge community of developers. hosts many, many modules to extend and enhance your website or application. Most people know about popular modules such as CCK, Views2, Panels, and XML Sitemap. But there are some really great modules that fly under the radar as well.

1. Secure Site

Secure Site

When developing a website, you occasionally show the client progress. Depending on your setup, you use either an internal development address, or a subdomain like to make it accessible outside for clients. What if you want to hide it away from prying eyes or search engines? There have been times when curious people have stumbled across sites I’ve worked on by trying subdomains, but this little module will put a stop to that. Secure Site uses HTTP authentication and prompts the user for a username and password before proceeding. It can also be used to secure RSS feeds.

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Open Source Web Application Drupal-Based Intranet: Open Atrium

Open Atrium is an open source web application for creating an intranet where co-workers/teams can collaborate easily.

It is built on the Drupal framework & has modules like:

  • blogs for each group
  • event calendar which can import feeds from iCal & others
  • documents, to store, collaborate & see revisions
  • Twitter-like shoutbox for sharing any info
  • case tracker which is a complete ticketing system to manage projects & assign tasks
  • group dashboard to see what’s going on

Open Atrium

Open Atrium can be extended with new features by creating new modules.

The application is multilingual & requires PHP & MySQL to run (like Drupal).

Requirements: PHP 5.2+ (GD enabled), MySQL 5+, Mod_Rewrite
Compatibility: All Major Browsers (except IE6)